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3 Surefire Ways to Expand Your Network Marketing Business

I’ve been involved in the internet marketing space for a number of years, and it is with no surprise that many people have built successful businesses and network marketing businesses with the Internet. 

And, not surprisingly, there are still many that still don’t believe or understand these Internet marketing methods. In fact, most leaders in the network marketing space believe it is a “distraction”. Now that is just poo.

So, in light of this, I’m going to layout 3 Internet recruiting methods that you should be using to build a successful network marketing business today!

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This method is quite a common social media approach, and it is online prospecting with a twist. It literally requires 4 step component – search, qualify, message and book.


Utilise the ‘Facebook Search’ to locate “Friends of Friends” who live nearby or locally (to begin with), as this makes the face to face appointment easier.

Since you have no prior relationship, it is important to personally meet. But if for whatever reason that is cannot be done, applications like zoom, whatsapp and others makes it convenient.

The great thing is, Facebook permits you to directly message “Friends of Friends”!  That means your well crafted message is fed into their main inbox.

Secondly, you start with local because it will allow you to eventually meet face-to-face with them to form a more powerful personal connection.


Before you craft a personalized message, you will need to prospect and qualify. So take a minute to research their profile for any key interests that may resonate with well with you, your products or your business.

So if he or she has an interest in Robert Kiyosaki, this may show that they are open to business opportunities and other income streams.

But if they are more into Tabata Training, then a health and wellness product will be a great product.

Also look out for other subtle pointers:

  • Are they smiling in the photos?
  • Do they appear to be outgoing and positive?


After the pre-qualifying research has been conducted, then it is time to craft your first message.

You can create a template for the message, but not the cut and paste kind of message. Each message has to be tailored for them individually, and will mention names of friends you both know.

From there, you simply throw the ball in the air and see if they swing back.

In the message, mention that you are a recruiter for a “health & wellness” company (or whatever the niche is), and looking to “expand in the area”, and you just want to touch base if they are “open” to the opportunity to earn an extra income

But DO NOT copy & paste messages with links to sign up.

It is just not effective, and it is considered SPAM by Facebook.   So don’t get locked out by Facebook.

With the first contact message, your aim is to get a reply of any interest.

4.) BOOK

If they swing back, quickly book a face-to-face appointment – locally or via Zoom, Facebook, Whatsapp, etc to explain in person and build a connection.

If they do not reply to the your first contact message, don’ be discouraged.

Follow up with a 2nd message 4 days days later.

The 2nd message is a short message to see if they received the message and whether they have any interest.

Sometimes people are just simply too busy to reply back or do not see the messages.

If you still do not get a reply, assume it is a “NO”. Being too pushy is just nad practice.

Moving on … this is just the tip of the iceberg.

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This is a straight-forward strategy, and boils down to your personality.

This requires you posting and sharing your results on social media, and see if people express any interest in the comments section or via private message.

As well, to boost response or results,  a CALL TO ACTION is posted to contact you if they are keen to know more.

So what’s in the posting?

This method requires sharing pictures and announcements about your journey from income results to the positive impact it has made on your lifestyle.

Or ‘lead with the product’ angle…

This method will help to create more customers and a few of them may express an interest in the business opportunity after they have become raving fans of the product.

For example, if you were in the travel nice, you can post photos of the luxury hotel stays and vacation and post how inexpensive it was for that 5 star experience. 

The goal is to showcase how much of an impact the product has made with people who are connect with you on social media.

When they post a comment, you reply back to close.

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This simple strategy has nothing to do with messaging strangers with templated messages like in Method #1. Nor does it require filling your friend’s News Feeds with postings of the product or opportunity as in Method #2. It is my favourite method, and hopefully, you will see the real nugget in this marketing method.

Not only will it build your brand, it is really a passive method of generating leads reaching out to you for more information.  Imagining waking up in the morning to a inbox of notifications from

  • Hot prospects keen to know more about the product, opportunity or mentorship.
  • New CUSTOMERS who just cannot wait to get their hands on the product.
  • Or, new DISTRIBUTORS ready to  sign up  with you!.

With this method, it about setting up a system to create a sales funnel that will generate the leads, capturing those leads and warming up the leads with a series of automated, useful information (and/or directing them to your blog) and converting them into a customer or distributor.

And it will work for you 24/7.

This can be all done using a simple WordPress website to create a landing page with an opt-in form to grab the details of the prospect using an autoresponder. From there, your autoresponder service will distribute your series of email lessons that offers value to your readers.

By giving more, you will build both trust and your brand. Your brand becomes that valuable asset.

As mentioned earlier, method 3 is my favourite … and it is the most efficient and time friendly way to grow your network marketing business on auto-pilot.

If you want to learn more, simply sign up for the free guide here and you will get a straight-forward plan to position yourself, so you will never have to annoy or pester everybody, anyone, ever, to “have a look”.

But like any business or study, this will take work and effort on you part to make this work.



Jason Ou


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Bye for now,

Jason Ou

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