9 Simple Tools to Find Endless Content Ideas For Social Media

This post was last updated on 28 September 2022

Have you ever struggled to come up with content ideas for social media posts, or even your blog that your audience would find value in?

I must admit that I have.

It’s a big challenge to consistently come up with content ideas that will BENEFIT your readers. I mean, consistently.

Without good, engaging content, you will not be able to generate leads or prospects for your business online.

But did you know there are 9 simple marketing tools that can help kickstart your content mojo?

Plus it’s free to use!

And when you apply them to your content strategy, you can easily find a steady stream of awesome content ideas for both your social media postings, and blog.

Which will make social content posting less of a challenge.

Now, let’s look at the 9 killer tools to find endless content ideas.


9 FREE Content Marketing Tools For Social Media Post Ideas

1. Answer The Public.

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A cool content marketing tool for finding the ‘phrases’ people are looking up online, in Google, Alexa, Siri and Bing.

What it does is, it collects all the information people have asked online, and then it compiles them into a data format.   

With the free version, you simply enter a keyword of your topic, and it’ll spit out a wagon wheel of questions that your target market is asking.

From example, for the keyword ‘network marketing’, it will give you a useful wheel of questions like

  • Why network marketing is better than job?
  • How network marketing make money?
  • How network marketing is a business?
  • Can anyone do network marketing?
  • Where to find network marketing prospects?

And more … ideas for engaging social media posts.

So give it a whirl, jot down the relevant questions to find future content ideas for your social posts.

And then provide the answers to their problems and struggles.

If you want more from this online tool, you have the option to upgrade your account.

2. Google Suggest.

The biggest search engine of them all.

Everyday, there are an enormous number of people go online to search and browse.

So why not take advantage of the Google Suggest function to get more inspiration.

Simply enter your keyword, and you will get suggestions in the drop down box and variations of the keyword.

Plus, good old Google will suggest more ideas for social media posts … related to your keyword search.

What’s more, if you scroll to the bottom of the Google search listing, you might get more variations to your keyword search.

The nice thing is …

What Google suggests are the kind of phrases your ideal prospects and customers are looking up online.

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things you should post on social media
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what to post on social media
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Again why not provide the information that will help your target audience.

A very handy, FREE tool for creative social media ideas.

If you want a bit more data like the number of searches and the cost per click, an inexpensive tool like Keywords Everywhere, will spit out the stats for each keyword that Google suggests. 

3. Youtube Suggest.

The second biggest search engine.

Which also belongs to … Google.

Again, take advantage of its suggestion search and it’ll spit out a variation of the keywords too.

Yes, some keywords may not be useful or relevant but there may be some golden nuggets for social media content ideas .

You will get a nice list of suggestions that you can post on social media and around for your audience.

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4. Pinterest Suggest.

Not only is it a search engine for pinning and sharing images, it has a huge resource of information available.

And one of the tools you can use is the search function.

Simply enter a keyword and it will suggest a few variations of your keyword.  

Agin, these are keywords that people are looking up on Pinterest.

Try it and you’ll be surprised how handy it can be for getting more social media posts ideas.

What’s more it will reveal what other businesses in your niche are posting on Pinterest too.

Which you can use as an inspiration for your next social content.

You can even try pinterest.com/ideas to find other content ideas in your niche.

September 2022 Update : The bubbles have been removed. Instead, you’ll get a list of related searches. Much like Google search. 

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5. Your Own Content.

If you have a blog (which I highly recommend), a podcast, Facebook Lives, Youtube videos or even your emails, you’ve most likely have created a decent catalogue of content.  

You can easily take snippets of your content and reuse it for your social media marketing.

Let’s say, you’ve written a blog post on 3 Profitable Ways Blogging Can Help Your Business.

With that content, you can take each of the 3 ways, and use it for one new social post.

Which gives you 3 different social media posts.

And while you’re at it, turn each post into a Youtube Shorts, Story, Reels, videos and so on, to churn out more content nd reach.

6. Other People’s content

Read a post you really found useful?

Better yet, invested money or time in a course or a system to learn helpful marketing stuff.

Why not share what you’ve learned and post out small nuggets of handy tips or ideas (in your OWN words) on social media with your audience.

And if you give credit to the source (or tag them), it will add more credibility and trust with your audience.  

What’s more …

If you tag the original content creator, especially an industry influencer, you might even get more exposure. That’s a win/win in my opinion.

Hopefully, when you read this, you will be inspired with great content ideas to share on social media.

7. Amazon.

Ever thought about using Amazon to find endless ideas for social media posts?

I wish I knew this earlier when I was spinning my wheels for content ideas. It would have saved a lot of frustration.

Here’s how you do it.

  • Find a book in your niche that’s most relevant to your target audience.
  • And when you do, check out the “Look Inside” feature for the Table of Contents for social media post ideas you can cover.
  • Read the Reviews. See what people liked and disliked about it, and what details were missing in the book.  If there are any gaps not filled in the book, you swoop on them and create a topic around it.   
  • Read the Q&A sections for more valuable content ideas for social media posts. Then answer those questions as a post. 

You can even do this with a search for a physical product in your niche. Then check out the reviews and Q&A for more social media content ideas.

8. Groups.

When you hang out in social media groups like Facebook Groups, there will be questions that get plenty of engagements.

The ones that do stand out are the current hot topics that your audience wants to fix.

Other potential topics can come from the comment sections of the posts where potential content might come up.

So hang out where your target audience hangs out.

9. YOU!

Whether you admit it or not, we humans are all kinda nosy.

So it makes sense that we share a slice of life on social media.

And to build that know, like and trust in YOU.

It’s a way to let your audience have a peek about your life.

And to help them decide if they want to know more about you …. and follow you.

As you work at your home business, why not share your life outside of your work on social media too.

This is one of the easiest and simplest idea for engaging social media posts.

Now start generating ideas for social media …

Answer The Public, Google Suggest, YouTube Suggest, your own content, other people’s content, Amazon, social media groups and YOU are all a great resource of content ideas for both social media posts and blogging.

These tools are both simple and effective to use.

Best thing is, you’ll be able to uncover a nice bank of social media post ideas that your audience will find value in.

And at the same time, banking on some credibility with them.

Over to you now to find those nuggets of social media post ideas.

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1. 9 simple tools to find a steady flow of content ideas social posts!

2. These killer TOOLs are FREE to use!

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