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Are Facebook Ads Worth It? The 8 Benefits of Facebook Advertising

Since search, Facebook advertising is providing businesses, both small and large, a fantastic opportunity to find their ideal audience.

And the businesses and individuals who are taking this opportunity are getting a big edge.

As an entrepreneur, I get that it’s easy to get caught up with the need to get things done consistently – posting Lives and videos, blogging, email marketing, or even talking to your prospects, the list goes on.

The thing is we cannot do it all. It’s time consuming.

But what if we can leverage Facebook to save MASSIVE time to scale up.

Whilst allowing us to lay a solid foundation for other parts of the business.

This is where Facebook paid marketing has it’s many advantages.

And the great thing is … it is not only limited to the experienced marketers only.

Whether you are new to paid ads or sitting on fence about it … or even simply worried about losing money – which is natural – then hopefully this article will open your mind to the opportunities that Facebook ads can offer.


8 Benefits of Facebook Advertising

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1. Your target audience is there.

According to Statista, there are roughly “2.85 billion monthly active users as of the first quarter of 2021“.

And it is still growing!

To put it in context, the number of users on Facebook (for that first quarter only) is larger than the population of China.

With such a whopping number of users, I’m pretty sure there’s potential customers there.

Of course, not every potential prospect will join you or buy your products.

That’s just the reality.

And if you’re marketing to everyone, you’re literally wasting money and killing your business.

Instead, you need targeted traffic. That means, you want to be able to capture the attention of your ideal audience.

And to that you need to focus your advertising and content to a laser targeted audience.

Do this … you’ll find it a much easier time to create messages that will tap into their struggles and desires.

Which will grab your prospect’s attention.

And I’m sure you will find a good percentage of a target audience in the 2.85 billion active users on Facebook.

Some of you may argue, people go to Facebook not to buy.

But that’s where smart marketing for ‘targeted traffic‘ comes in.

Look, your ideal audience is there somewhere – it’s just a matter of fishing them out with the right message.

2. It is is cheap.

For as little as $1 buck a day, you can get your Facebook advertising up and running as soon as today.

Even with a tiny budget, you can reach a huge number of prospects that meet your specific criteria. Quickly.

Imagine if you spend $2 and get $2 back? Better still, imagine getting back $3, $4, $10 or more on a $2 spend? Not bad at all.

And the beauty of this – you can set the daily limit and not let your budget blow up.

When you set it up and let it run, it is a very cheap and effective option to send targeted traffic to a website or to a Facebook post.

Compared to other online marketing platforms, Facebook advertising is cheap.

3. QUICKLY Scale Your Business FAST!.

Say you uncover Facebook ads that passively pulls in the leads, or even a few sales.

The next step is to scale up the reach by increasing your budget ad spend … incrementally.

If a Facebook ad converts at a small budget of $2 a day, it can convert just as well at $5, $20, and at even higher.

Which makes it exciting.

An automated marketing system that passively attracts the people you want to the business, even while you sleep is a huge time saver!

4. Exceptional targeting capabilities.

Remember I mentioned about targeted traffic?

To be successful at finding an audience with Facebook advertising, you need the right kind of traffic.

One of the many benefits of Facebook advertising is the different ad types like video ads.

What’s more, you can get more granular with Facebook targeting.

You can literally laser in on Matt Morris, Eric Worre, Biden or even the Prime Minister of Australia.

Better still … you can even drill the details down to behaviors, interests, demographics, connections, age ranges, languages, or locations.

You can even layer the specific details upon each other to pinpoint target YOUR ideal prospects.

Lastly, if you have a brick and mortar business or helping a local business with Facebook advertising, the location targeting is very useful.

are facebook ads worth it
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Here’s an inside look of Facebook Ads targeting capability.

5. Tracking capabilities.

Numbers are important. No point in spending your hard earned money in advertising when you don’t know what you’re getting back in return.

A huge benefit of Facebook advertising is it’s tracking.

It tracks everything … like the number of people who viewed an advert to the number of people who landed on your opt in page.

Good measurable results.

On it’s platform you get a big range of analytics from:

  • Reach
  • Link Clicks
  • Link Click Through Rate
  • Cost per link click
  • Cost per conversion
  • And more

For Facebook to be able to track, you’ll need to insert a simple coding for Facebook Pixel to work it’s magic.

6. Allows you to find new RED HOT Leads

When you have an audience that have already engaged on any of your posts or videos, you can create copies of them. No joke!

Using the “lookalike audiences” feature, Facebook will scour and find NEW people who have similar interests in your business.

Lookalike audiences can be created with conversion pixels, fans of your Facebook page and more.

To pinpoint it down, you’re able to set the size and targeting options to get a more accurate reflection of your target audience.

It really takes a lot of the guessing work out to find a bigger audience.

7. Attract the best prospects online.

Instead of chasing people around with a hidden agenda to get them to join the business, why not leverage Facebook advertising to get people to come to you.

With paid marketing, you have the ability to let your ideal prospects know you have what they need. To help them fix a problem.

The aim here is to offer them something of value that will attract them to you.

Become a prospect.

And for you to follow up and close.

8. Retarget Ads to On the Fence Leads.

Still unsure? What about the ability to retarget or remarket your advertising via custom audiences.

The power of Facebook ads is the ability to retarget your content to people who have visited your site to the people that have engaged on your posts and videos.

These are hot prospects most likely be interested in your product or opportunity at some stage.

With this custom audience, you’re able to stay in front of them and give your prospect a push down a sales funnel.

Are Facebook Ads Worth It?

If you want an inexpensive marketing system that gives you massive leverage in both time and prospecting … then heck YES!

The benefits of Facebook advertising far outweighs the disadvantages.

And the awesome bit, you can filter out the people who don’t qualify, leaving you the best people to work with. These are the people who will be most interested in what you have to offer.

Which boils down to figuring out what they want or need to solve, create an offer that gets them excited, and watch your business grow!.

As well, in any marketing effort, you must have a clear objective and a plan in place. It’s pointless wasting money on an ad campaign and just hope for the best.

Have a strategy!

And remember, it’s all abut testing and trialing to find the good ones before you can see any results.

If by chance you’re unsure on how to build your business online, read this – “6 Key Strategies to Grow Your Network Marketing Business Online”.

P.S In case you’re one of the people (like me) who skim to the P.S before you read the page, here’s what this is about:

1. 9 simple post ideas to boost your Facebook engagement.

2. Building a solid relationship with your prospects.

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Bye for now,

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