9 Effective Facebook Engagement Post Ideas For More Reach

How to get more engagements on your Facebook content?

Let’s face it, it’s not easy at first. But if you practice the habit of being active, the more results you’ll see.

And the more engagement you get, the more love Facebook will give you.

That means more organic traffic.

But without any engagement there’s no way you can build any kind of relationship with your audience.

When you have no relationship, this means no leads, no customers, and no sign-ups.

So how do you fix it?

For one, it’s important that you start posting consistently to get your message out. DAILY.

To do this, here are 9 Facebook engagement post ideas for more traction


9 Simple Facebook Engagement Post Ideas

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1. Tap into Perfect Post Times

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Want more engagements from your post?

Why not time your posts during peak times, especially when your followers are most active.

Which increases the chance of getting Facebook comments and Likes.

If you want to zero in on the best times to post, check out Sprout Social report on best times to post on social media.

Please note that stats supplied from Sprout Social are recorded in USA Central Time.

The takeaway here is – for an effective Facebook engagement strategy analyze both the numbers in your Facebook Page Insights and the chart below to have a better idea of the best time to post on Facebook.

However, do note that these numbers are data only. So please don’t get too overly anal over the times.

Instead, find a balance of the best times to post, but most of all, post consistently.

If it’s two posts a day, then it’s one to two posts a day.

Not one post every few months.

You get the drift.

2. Focus On Your Audience.

Don’t make the mistake of boxing in your brand.

Get creative and be entertaining.

Say you have a Facebook page for an ice-cream business.

Should you only post content related to ice cream?

Although I love ice-cream, you shouldn’t be just posting about ice-cream.

For one, there’s only so much you can post about it on a daily basis.

And it get’s pretty boring and repetitive if all the content is about ice-cream.

When it comes to your Facebook engagement post ideas, vary it.

Don’t focus solely on your brand or product. It is NOT all about you.

It’s about your audience, your fans.

People go on Facebook to unwind and be entertained.

So be interesting and entertaining in some way to drive the engagement.

The key here is understand your target audience.

Know what keeps them up at night, their struggles, needs, wants, desires, fears, dreams, goals and interest. Everything.

Because it really doesn’t matter if you’re “interesting” to the wrong audience right?

And CAPTURE attention to stop the scrolling.

With …

  • Attention grabbing post headlines.
  • Eye catching images. Especially the ones of YOU living it up with a smile.
  • For an easy reading experience, consider using short paragraphs and plenty of white space.
  • To add a bit more pop into your paragraphs, sprinkle in a few emojis.

Once you start to embed that idea into your strategy, increasing Facebook engagement becomes much more realistic.

So get creative.

Post for your audience.

3. Delve Into Your Popular Posts.

Go back to what works.

Using Facebook Insight to break down the activity, you can easily identify and analyze the most popular posts.

The ones that had plenty of reach and engagements.

Then DO THE EXACT same thing and see what happens.

Rather than playing guessing games, the numbers will paint a nice picture of what worked and what didn’t.

Which … allows you to recreate the same social buzz again.

4. Add Your CTA.

Add a ‘Call to Action’ in your posts.

Whether it is to ‘Tag Your Teammate’, ‘Like This Post If You …’, ‘Comment below with your thoughts’ or “Click this link to check out my latest blog post”, etc, add a reminder for your reader to take action.

It’s a way to allow fans to engage.

And one quick and simple way to do this is to post a question. Or you can start a series of post where you pick your reader’s brains.

Encouraging engagement and comments within your post are fine. Just don’t go out begging for them.

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5. Shorten Your Posts.

Do you suffer from this sometimes? That writer’s block.

If you just don’t know what to say in your post … it’s OK to keep it brief. And to the point.

You see …

Your posts doesn’t have to be a 1000 worded essay. Unless you are an exceptional copy writer, most long form posts can put off more than a few readers.

And do note that users on social platforms like Facebook and mobile users are scrollers. We only have a short few seconds to grab their attention.

Hence eye catching images and an easy to read post format will often stop the scrolling.

Here’s 3 ideas for bite-sized content:

  • Ask quick questions to pick your follower’s brains. People love giving opinions. So why not give your reader an excuse to express.
  • Handy quotes or stats from an article that require a click for more context.
  • Short or quick-witty statements coupled with a picture.

When you think about it …

A sentence is all you need to grab the readers’ attention.

So keep it simple.

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6. Create List Posts.

Start a Bullet List grab. Not only does it captures attention, it’s easy to scan.

An example of a list grab is like this post you’re reading now … “8 Simple Facebook Post Ideas For Increasing Engagement” – change

People, like me, love to read bullet point lists. It’s gives you a nice snap shot of what you’re going to read.

And the white space in between the each point is easy on the eye.

As always, be sure to make the post relevant to your target audience wants, needs, and desires.

7. LIVES and Videos.

Videos are huge.

Whether it is LIVES, pre-recorded videos or even animations, a majority of people on social will gravitate to them.

And videos do encourage more engagements.

With videos, you can can encourage engagements with questions or even ask for it.

Plus, people do like to voice their thoughts during certain points of a video.

But more importantly, videos gives you the platform to build both influence and credibility.

You see…

When people see you and hear you on video, they get an idea of who you are. Your brand.

Plus, if your message is relevant to them, it draws their attention even more.

And the more videos you can produce, the more know, like, and trust you will bank with them.

Which can lead to more buys and signups.

Give videos a go today!

While you’re here … if you are stuck for ideas on what to post on social media, watch this Youtube below!


8. Tell Stories.

People love stories.

It grabs and keep attention.

Whether it is your own story of personal struggles or desires … or someone else’s, stories do tap into the emotions of your target audience.

It’s relatable with them.

The experience and the vulnerability you share draws them closer to you.

A connection.

And when you do, your people will engage on your posts!

9. Reply And Comment Back.

Be responsive to every comments and even likes.

You can ….

Get back to them with thoughtful comments.

Thank them for liking the post.

And even ask them what they liked about the post.

It’s really an opportunity to build more engagement within your posts.

And when you try to personally connect with the people who have taken the time to comment, it shows them you are listening to them.

Which is a big plus for YOU … and can score you more interactions in the future.

There you have it …

Nine effective Facebook engagement post ideas for boosting your organic reach.

With these simple ideas, you can easily take action right now … and get more traction.

When you think of the popular business brands and personal brands on Facebook, they are actively present – CONSISTENTLY posting and engaging with their followers.

So give it a go …

It is the ideal time to start posting and increase engagement for your posts

If by chance you’re stuck for ideas on what to post on social media, pop over to my other post – “8 Sneaky Ways To Find Endless Social Media Content Ideas”.

P.S In case you’re one of the people (like me) who skim to the P.S before you read the page, here’s what this is about:

1. 9 simple post ideas to boost your Facebook engagement.

2. Building a solid relationship with your prospects.

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