Is Blogging a Good Side Hustle in 2024? Or a Waste of Your Time?

Is Blogging a good side hustle? Absolutely yes!

If you want a job with flexible hours and the chance to earn a lot, blogging is for you.

Thanks to the internet, we can start a blog to share our thoughts and make money too.

Now let’s be real.

Making money from blogging is hard.

It takes a lot of work and careful planning. Most bloggers don’t make money for 6 to 12 months, or even more.

Personally, it took me more than a year.

But hey, don’t let this stop you one bit.

So let’s put our best foot forward together and turn your zest into earnings!

Key Takeaways

  • Blogging is a good side hustle. It lets you earn money while doing something you love.
  • Making money from blogging takes time and hard work. Don’t give up if you don’t see fast results!
  • Pick topics you love that can also make money. Plan your posts carefully. Share them on social media to get more readers.
  • To make money, sell digital items like ebooks or use affiliate links in your posts. You get paid when someone clicks the link and buys something.

If you need help with launching your blog, you can reach out to me here. In the subject line, just say – ‘Blogging Side Hustle, Jason

Understanding Blogging as a Side Hustle

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Blogging is a great side hustle.

It lets you earn more money while doing something fun and flexible. You pick when and where to work on your blog.

You also decide what topics to write about, so it never gets boring!

I started my blogging journey as a side gig too but soon it became my main source of income.

But, as point out earlier. It does take time to earn money,

To make money from a blog, you need to focus on writing about things that interest people.

I’ll say it again.

You need to write what your readers care most about, so you can connect with them and keep them coming back for more.

Remember, only if you stick with it, one day your blogging side hustle might turn into your full-time dream job!

That said, let’s talk deeper about why you should consider starting up a blog as a side hustle.

Reasons to Consider Blogging as a Side Hustle

Let’s look at a couple of good reasons why you should start blogging as a side hustle today.

Flexible Schedule

You get to choose when you work with blogging.

There is no boss to dictate your hours.

You can write posts early in the morning, late at night or during lunch breaks.

The choice is yours.

You are not tied down by a 9-to-5 job anymore.

This gives you more time for family, friends and other fun things you love!

How sweet is that?

Blogging on Topics That You Enjoy

You will love blogging if you write about stuff you like!

It’s just like talking to a friend.

You share things that excite you. It can be your favorite game, the best book you read, or even how to make cool crafts.

Blogging is fun when it’s about what makes you happy.

This way, work feels like play and keeps your spark bright even on tough days!

Unlimited Income Potential

Blogging lets you make as much money as you want.

The only limit is what you set for yourself.

To start, your income might be low or nothing at all. This is normal and not a reason to worry or give up.

As time goes on, the amount of money your blog makes will grow if you can tap into the right market within your niche.

Some bloggers even earn more than they did in their past office jobs!

Thisd won’t happen overnight, but the results can be amazing if you stick with it.

Potential to Go Full-Time

Blogging can be more than a side job.

With careful planning, some bloggers make it their full-time job. I did it in a couple of years!

But not all people get to do this.

Only a few who start making money from blogs go full time.

This is because many treat blogging as a hobby, not a business.

Others may not know how to turn their blog into a source of steady income.


Not everyone can commit to that level of effort or has the understanding to find a niche that’s both popular and profitable.

In saying all that.

Blogging gives you control over your hours which helps in going full time.

Some top bloggers even earn over a million dollars each year!

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Can Lead to Other Opportunities

Blogging can open many doors for you.

It’s not just about earning money on the side. Your blog can catch the eye of people who matter.

You could get a better job or even start a new business because of your blog.

Successful bloggers often see their blogs turn into books or other big deals.

The secret is to focus on what your readers want and need, then deliver it in an easy-to-read style they love!

Now let’s move forward to understand what it takes to make money with a blog.

Requirements to Make Money With a Blog

Blogging isn’t just about drafting content and hitting publish.

It requires a blend of patience, creating focused content to attract traffic, and a solid monetization plan.


Patience is a big part of making money from a blog.

You may not see any cash for the first six to twelve months!

This might sound tough, but it’s normal. Most blogs start slow before they take off.

It’s crucial to keep going even if you don’t see fast results.

Your hard work will pay off with time, just like growing plants! Success in blogging is not instant. It needs plenty of care and time.

So hang on tight and be patient as your blog grows.

Focused Content

Putting all your thoughts into one topic is key in blogging.

This plan will make it easier for you to draw the right crowd. For example, if you love dogs, write about dogs.

Your blog could be a go-to spot for dog lovers looking for tips and advice on pet care.

Use pillar posts to start with.

These are big articles that speak out loud to dog fans.

But remember, planning is important here too!

Take time to daydream about what you want the blog would look like before writing your first post.


Your blog needs a lot of visitors to make money.

This is what we call traffic.

But how do you get it?

You can use social media like Pinterest to share your posts.

Another tip is to link with other blogs and ask them to share your post too.

(Sidenote: your blog post has to be of some value for another blog to share with their readers.)

Posting new stuff often also helps bring more people to your site.

And don’t forget about using the right keywords so search engines like Google will show your blog in search results!

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Monetization Plan

To earn money from your blog, you need a good monetization plan.

It can include things like ad sales or selling products.

You could also get money for each click that’s made on an ad in your blog.

Another way is to create and sell your own digital items like ebooks or online courses.

These can give you the most money out of all the ways to earn from blogging.

More on ways to make money blogging as a side hustle later down the post.

Steps to Start a Blogging Side Hustle

It’s great you now want to start blogging as a side hustle.

However, before you go all out, here are a few key points to consider.

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Setting Realistic Expectations

You need to know that blogging is not a quick way to make money.

It can take many months before you earn your first dollar. This is normal and happens with most new bloggers.

Success won’t come fast, but this doesn’t mean it won’t come at all.

Hard work, time, and patience are key in blogging. So be ready for this journey!

Knowing What Makes You Unique

You have your own story.

Nobody else is like you. Your blog should show this!

It can help you stand out from other blogs. This could be the six cats you live with or your love for odd socks.

Or, maybe it’s how you turned a hobby into a full-time job at home while raising twins!

Your unique twist will pull in readers who value that special slice of life only you offer.

Scheduling Your Time

Plan your day well. Set aside time for blog work.

This could be in the morning, at night or in short bursts throughout the day. Make sure you stick to this schedule though!

It helps keep your focus on writing a good blog post.

Just like any job, blogging needs your time and energy too.

It’s more than just typing words on a screen, it’s about sharing great ideas with others!

Planning Your Content

Choosing the right topics for your blog is vital.

These should be themes you know a lot about.

Think about what makes your ideas special and valuable to others.

Then, jot down all the things you want to write about.

Next, put these ideas into groups or categories.

This will help people find what they want on your blog faster.

Still on planning, keywords are important too.

Targeting specific, less competitive keywords can bring more people to view your blog from search engines like Google.

Gaining Exposure

Getting more people to see your blog is key.

To do this, you need to leverage various channels for exposure. share your blog posts on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, X (formerly Twitter) and so.

Also, use keywords in your posts that are popular in search engines like Google.

This makes it easier for people to find you when they search topics related to yours.

You can also try guest posting on other blogs or joining online communities where you can share your content.

Be patient but keep at it daily!

Growing Your Following

You need more people to read your blog. How do you get them?

You need to build a following.

Start by sharing your blog on social media like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Ask friends and family to help share too.

Join online groups where people talk about the same things you write about in your blog.

Make sure every post has good quality writing and pictures that catch people’s eyes.

Keep making posts often so new readers will keep coming back for more!

Building an Email List

Along with growing a following, building an email list is crucial.

Think of it like planting a garden.

Your followers are like visitors who come and go, but your email list is like planting seeds that grow into a garden you own.

Every email is a chance to connect directly with people interested in your blog.

Having an email list is more important than just building a following.

Social media followers might miss your posts, but an email goes straight to their inbox.

This means they’re more likely to see and read your content.

It’s a powerful way to keep your readers updated, share exclusive content, and promote anything new.

You can start by adding a simple sign-up form on your blog.

Encourage visitors to subscribe for updates, freebies, or exclusive content.

Remember, an email list is like a direct line to your most engaged readers.

It’s a key tool for turning your blog into a successful, money-making venture!

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Ways to Generate Income from a Blog

Let’s explore some proven and effective ways to turn your blog into a money-making side hustle.

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Affiliate Links

You can use affiliate links to make money from your blog. How?

You sign up for an affiliate program that fits with your blog’s subjects. They give you unique links to share on your blog.

If a reader clicks on the link and buys a service or product, you get some money.

This is called earning a commission.

It’s important to pick programs and products that match your blog topic and what your readers like.


Another neat way to earn money for your blog is through donations from fans.

People who like what you do or write may want to support you. They can give cash to help keep your blog going.

Be honest and clear when asking for this kind of help. Let them know how their gift will be used in the blog work.

Use tools like PayPal or Patreon that make it easy for people to donate to your blog.

Be thankful, too! Always remember to say thank you to anyone who gives a donation.


Coaching is like a bright light in a dark room for new bloggers.

It can show you where to go when you feel lost.

A good coach knows how to make money from a blog and can share that knowledge with you.

This helps stop the feeling of being overwhelmed, which many new bloggers face.

Think of coaching as an investment in your future.

Yes, only a few people succeed at first try in blogging. But with the right help, you have a better chance of becoming one of them!

A seasoned coach can even guide you toward turning your side hustle into full-time work.

Or open doors to other cool stuff like book deals or job offers!

So don’t knock it till you try it. Coaching might be your ticket to success in blogging.

If you need help with launching your blog, you can reach out to me here. In the subject line, just say – ‘Blogging Side Hustle, Jason

Hosting Podcasts

You can earn money from your blog by hosting podcasts. It’s like having your own radio show online.

Podcasts let you talk to your readers in a new way besides writing.

You share stories and ideas on topics they love, so it feels like a chat with friends!

To make money, run ads during the podcast or promote goods you like for sale (this is called affiliate marketing).

Making great podcasts does take work but adds more fun to blogging and earns extra cash for you!

Creating Digital Products and Online Courses

Another way to make money with your blog is by creating digital products and online courses.

This means you make things like e-books, guides, or even teach classes online. These products are related to what you blog about.

For example, if you blog about cooking, you could write an e-book with your best recipes.

Or, if you blog about photography, you could create an online course teaching people how to take great photos.

The benefit?

You make these products once and can sell them many times.

This can bring in money without much extra work. Plus, your readers get something valuable that helps them. It’s a win-win!

You can sell these products right on your blog. Or use platforms like Teachable or Udemy for courses. This way, you’re not just relying on ads or donations.

You’re also giving your readers something they can keep and learn from.

And remember, people are often willing to pay for good information and skills that help them.

Costs of Running a Blog

Starting a side hustle blog comes with some associated costs that you should be aware of.

Digital image of a piggy bank, laptop and more representing the cost of running a blog as a side hustle from home.
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Here is a detailed breakdown:

Expense Category Description and Cost
Domain Name This is your website address that people will type into their browser to locate your blog. Expect to pay around $10-$15 per year.
Web Hosting This service is what allows your blog to be accessible over the internet. Costs can range from $3-$10 per month for a basic plan.
Design and Themes While there are many free themes available, purchasing a premium theme can cost anywhere between $30-$100.
Plugins These add specific features to your blog. While many are free, premium plugins can range from $15-$100.
Email Service If you plan to build an email list, an email service provider is necessary. Prices vary based on the size of your list but can start at around $10 per month.
Content If you are outsourcing content writing or editing, costs can start from $0.10 per word.
Marketing This includes social media advertising, search engine marketing, etc. The cost can vary greatly based on your specific strategy.

Table 1.0 – Approximate cost to starting a blog as a side hustle.

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Misconceptions About Blogging

Let’s dispel some misconceptions about blogging, so that you can start blogging as a side hustle.

A frustrated female blogger wondering - Is blogging a good side hustle?
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Blogging Is Expensive

Some people think that blogging costs a lot.

Yes, there can be some costs. (Refer to Table 1.0 above)

You may have to pay for things like your website name and web hosting.

There might also be fees for design work, blog themes, or plugins to add cool features to your site.

But it’s important to know you don’t need big money to start a blog!

Many bloggers begin with just a few dollars each month. As they earn more from their blogs, they can then choose to put more cash into it if they want.

So while blogging isn’t free, saying it’s too costly isn’t true either!

Blogging Is a Dying Medium

Some people say that blogging is a dying medium due to AI.

But, this is not true.

Many blogs are alive and well today. They draw lots of readers in.

People find great tips, tricks, and wisdom from these posts.

What pulls these readers back?

Great content does the trick!

A blog can share helpful guides about different topics like cooking or fixing bikes.

You could even make friends with your readers by sharing stories from your own life too!

But keep in mind that success won’t happen overnight.

It can take some time to grow large crowds of eager fans on a blog site. So don’t get discouraged if you see low views at first!

Keep posting things people want to read and watch as they come flocking over time!

Every Blog Post Needs To Be Perfect

No blog post must be perfect.

It’s fine if some posts are not your best work. You learn from every bit you write.

With time, you get better at it. One less-than-great post won’t kill a blog.

Keep going and don’t let one off day stop you!

Need To Have an Existing Following To Start a Blog

Many people think you need a big group of fans to start a blog. That’s not true.

You can begin with no or few readers and still build a popular blog.

The key is to write interesting stuff that others will want to read.

As your blog gets better, more people will come to read it.

Over time, you can get many faithful followers.

It’s like planting seeds in good soil and watering them often until they grow into strong plants.

Patience is important here!

Blogging Is Easy

Blogging might look easy, but it needs hard work.

Many think it is just about writing words and hitting publish. But there’s more to it!

You have to think of good ideas for your blog.

You also need to learn how to make your blog show up in web searches.

This takes time and effort. It may not be as easy as you first thought, but don’t give up!

With practice and patience, you can get better at blogging.

Blogging Is a Fast Way To Earn Money

Some people think that blogging is a quick way to make money. This is not true.

Blogging takes time and hard work.

At first, you might not earn any money from your blog. You need to write posts, get readers and market your site.

After six months or more, you may start to see some income from ads or product sales.

It’s true that a few bloggers have made big bucks fast.

But most of them took years to build their followers and content before they saw real money come in.

So while it’s possible to earn good money by blogging, don’t expect it to happen overnight!

Is Blogging a Good Side Hustle – FAQ

Got more questions? Below are some commonly asked questions.

Is blogging good for side income?

Absolutely! Blogging can be a lucrative side income. It lets you explore your passions and monetize them through methods like affiliate marketing, sponsored content, and digital products. It’s flexible, perfect for balancing with other commitments.

Is it realistic to make money blogging?

Yes, making money through blogging is realistic. Success depends on your niche, content quality, and marketing strategy. Regular updates and SEO can attract a steady stream of readers, leading to various monetization opportunities.

Is blogging good for passive income?

Blogging is excellent for passive income. Once you set up affiliate links, ads, or sell digital products, your blog can earn money even when you’re not actively working on it. Consistent effort initially can lead to long-term gains.

Is there a downside to blogging?

Blogging has its challenges: it demands time, creativity, and patience, especially when building an audience. It can be slow to generate income initially, and managing the technical aspects of a website can be daunting for some. But with persistence, the rewards can be significant.

What is blogging as a side hustle?

Blogging as a side hustle means using your writing skills to create content for an online blog. This can earn money through ad revenue, sponsored content, and digital products like e-books.

Can I make blogging my full-time income?

Yes, some people use their blogs to earn a full-time income! They monetize their blogs through affiliate marketing, creating courses or printables, or selling other digital products.

How do I get more traffic on my blog?

You attract more blog traffic by practicing SEO optimization and keyword targeting. Making high-quality video content or podcasts also draws in readers.

Will managing a blog need much of my time?

Yes, successful blogging needs good time management and productivity skills. It covers tasks from graphic design to web development and email marketing.

What types of blogs make money?

Niche blogs often do well because they target specific audiences with unique needs. Topics could range from personal finances to freelance writing tips!

How does the Blogging platform help me with self-employment?

Many bloggers choose popular platforms like WordPress due to its easy setup process and tools. It allows them the freedom of location-independent business ventures!

Is Blogging a Good Side Hustle – The Wrap

A work at home entrepreneur wondering - Is blogging a good side hustle?
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  • @jasonoudotcom
Back to this question. “Is blogging is a good side hustle?”

One word. Yes!

But remember, it’s not fast money.

With time and hard work, you can make good money from your blog. So get started today!

Blog Monetization - Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means I’ll receive a commission if you purchase through my links, at no extra cost to you. Please read full disclosure for more information.

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