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The One Thing You Need To Focus On Right Now

If you’re overwhelmed with marketing information overload and not quite sure where to begin with your marketing campaign then you’re not alone.

It’s confusing.

I remembered when I first started out with my network marketing journey online.

I had bought all these courses from well known experts in the industry from personal development, paid marketing strategies, content marketing, to other cool things.

But it was just too much. Information overload.

With so much information, I just didn’t know where to begin. I felt stuck.

But when I decided to just focus on one marketing model, my confusion lifted and I was able to take action with more clarity.

Now can you imagine how a new person can be confused with so much info excess? It’s like drinking from a fire hose.

There’s Facebook, Facebook Ads, Instagram, Tik Tok, Clubhouse, list building, funnels, selling physical products and many more.


It can drive anyone insane.

Trying to master all the marketing strategy strategies at one time can be too much.

And for a network marketer who is new to the online marketing concept, it can be truly overwhelming.

Often this leads to things getting not done.

But the good news is you don’t need to master all of them at one go.

When you are new to the online thing, you just have to keep it simple.

the one thing to focus on in network marketing
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  • @jasonoudotcom

Think Traffic And Conversions

When it comes to building a Network Marketing business online, it is about traffic and conversions.

In a nutshell, you need to keep in mind 4 things

1. Traffic
2. Email list
4. Follow up

For starters, you need a compelling lead magnet to grab the attention of your target audience. That is, giving them what prospects want.

Secondly, you need solid affiliate products, physical products, services, other offers… or even your own digital product.

Next, you need to get the interested prospects onto your email list. This part here allows you to build a relationship with your audience and help you generate more sales down the road.

And if they don’t take up your offer, you can always follow up with more value.

Make sense?

For this to all work you will need an autoresponder like AWeber (which I use) and hook it up to you landing page to capture the names and emails of your ideal prospects.

An email list of your target audience is the most important part of your online marketing and branding strategy.

Sidenote … if you are first starting out, and want to make money asap, you can skip the list building. But list building is highly recommended.

Here’s the thing …

You just have to get really good at one source of traffic to attract people to your business.

In case you missed it…

You only need to get really good atone source of traffic to attract people to your business. 

How? Simple…

Just focus at ONE thing from your list of marketing options.

From Facebook to YouTube Ads, just stick to one platform … and master it.

You can start driving traffic from Facebook using paid ads or organic postings to target your perfect prospects.

These prospects will most likely be interested in you, your product, service and opportunity.

Once you get good results, you may wish to try another traffic source.

Next you probably would want to start a blog or a podcast.

Here you can create more valuable content that will serve your audience … and build out your personal brand.

Simply post the content to your blog and start sharing it on a social media platform like Facebook and via your email too.

That’s it. Traffic, email list, offer and follow up.

But stick to ONE strategy.

There are a number of ways to generate traffic.

Pick one strategy that appeals to you and focus on that. You only need to MASTER one method of start driving traffic.

So today, right now.

Go for one strategy, take action, write a blog post, start a Facebook campaign (organic or paid),  do a Live and start promoting it to your landing page.

This is the simplest path to attracting more prospects to your business, recruiting more people and making more money online.

Let’s do it right now!

one thing to focus on in network marketing
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  • @jasonoudotcom
Finally, if you want to learn a strategy that is a proven way to build a real business online, you can learn more about it here.

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