How To Create An Email List – 3 Essential Tools

Last updated Apr 7, 2023

how to create an email list
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Would you like a list of high quality prospects? Prospects who have expressed interest in what you have to say.

Wouldn’t that be awesome?

If you are serious about building a successful business, then you need to get really serious about building an email list!

Otherwise, you will be gifting a nice pile of potential income for the next smart marketer who IS building an email list.

Look … It doesn’t matter if you’re building a business online or offline, having a list of contacts that you can constantly stay in touch with (and follow up) is essential.

Better still …

With an email list of prospects you have the ability to follow up, build a relationship and close.

And when you have an email list of customers, you also have the ability to follow up and take the business further!

The best thing is, it can be done at a push of a button to broadcast your communication.

Isn’t that powerful?

Although you can create success in network marketing without an email list.

Isn’t it smarter to have one?

A list that you own and control.

Here’s an example …

A while ago during summer, I wanted to have an air conditioner installed at our home. As it was a peak season for the air condition installer, a one man show, he was unable to schedule a time to come in.

And, what happens during the winter months in Victoria, Australia?

He’s now chasing me and others for business.

Just imagine …

If he had an email list, he would have an effective way to communicate with people. People who were at one point connected to him, a customer or a lead.

He could have simply broadcast a winter savings promotion like “Get A $200 Cashback When You Book It In The Month of AUGUST”, and get the phone ringing.

That would have been a smart play.

It doesn’t matter …

If I’m selling a digital product, if I’m a cafe owner, if I’m a network marketer … all I need is a simple platform to send out my messages and promotions, all at the push of a button. That’s the power of Email Marketing.

Can you now see why content marketers and businesses need email marketing?

And the great thing is …

The investment in building a list is not huge.

Plus …

It is simple to set up.

It will not cost you an arm and a leg to set up an email campaign.

It will help build a relationship with your prospects, and turn them into a paying customer and teammate.

Here are 3 Tools For Email Marketing …

How To Create An Email List – The 3 Tools

1. An Autoresponder.

This is a must have tool that will help automate your prospecting both your marketing and communication.

The beauty of it is ….

It allows you to set a chain of daily emails that are automatically sent to your subscribers.

If you choose to, you can easily write up a month’s worth of emails of solid content or even a year’s worth of emails for your subscribers … all sent on autopilot.

With such an automated system, it simply allows you to stay in front of your prospect’s mind, and build up the goodwill in your brand.

It gets even better.

For an even deeper analysis of your audience, you can even group them into certain categories like geo-location to the type of content that they are most interested in.

With these type of information, you can tailor the message and offers around their needs.

So which Autoresponder?

Personally, I use Aweber.

It’s really easy to use.

It is very user friendly.

And it is affordable.

Like most autoresponders, you have the choice to use their in built selection of customized forms to choose from and start capturing the all important contact details (name, email, even phone number).

It even allows you to design your own newsletter, a confirmation page and send broadcasts to your email list of upcoming events and promotions.

You can check out Aweber’s FREE trial offer here to start an email campaign.

2. A Capture Page.

This is a dedicated landing page that is designed to capture your prospects’ contact information.

For an example of a landing page, click here.

When a prospect visits the landing page, the subscriber will exchange their information for a captivating offer (a free lead magnet).

To build a simple landing page, you can use a theme builder like Divi or even Aweber to build a landing page.

And when it comes to designing one, include a pre-headline, a headline, a sub-headline (optional), a bullet list of benefit driven statements (optional), a nice image of the giveaway, privacy policy page, an OPT-IN box and a CTA button.  

Both tools will help grow an email list fast … and in an efficient manner.

3. A Free Lead Magnet.

A free lead magnet is like a hook that grabs the attention of a prospect.

It can be in the form of a coupon, a report, a quiz, a coupon, a guide, a checklist, a blueprint, a webinar, etc.

And often this giveaway is of something of value that will benefit the prospect.

And if it is valuable enough for the prospect, they will give up their name and email address.

When you create a lead magnet, think of your prospect’s pains and struggles.

Avoid trying to attract everyone with your lead magnet.

So get specific with your audience and attract the people you want.

Then customize it to address the prospects’ problem and help them get closer to their goal.

Want an example?

Niche – weight loss

Target market – Females who want to lose weight

Giveaway – say a short 12 page PDF report that showed females “7 Easy Weight Loss Tips to Lose 12 Pounds in 14 Days or Less!”

That’s the hook that will draw the prospect’s attention, which brings them into your email campaign.

And when they do subscribe, they go into the next phase.

Building up credibility in YOU.

And that’s how to grow an email list.

With these 3 simple yet effective, nifty tools you can easily kickstart your email marketing campaign right now.

And the quickest way to launch your campaign …

Start up a Facebook Ad campaign, set a tiny budget, target a specific audience and drive the traffic to your landing page.

And growing an email list of high quality prospects.

For online entrepreneurs, an email campaign is a must.

It’s traffic you control … and own.


Jason OU

P.S In case you’re one of the people (like me) who skim to the P.S before you read the page, here’s what this is about:

1. 3 tools you need to create an email list of hungry prospects.

2. How to create an email list fast.

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