6 Reasons An Email Autoresponder Can Launch Your Business

Eyeball traffic to your social media account like Facebook and to your website is great. And if those traffic, those visitors, are anything like you and me, most of them will not buy at first. They’re simply window shopping for the best information.

So, how do you net the very best traffic (those interested visitors), turn them into leads so you can warm them up into a prospect, and then make that sale?

It’s a frustration I faced earlier on. And when I learned the importance of email marketing, I learned about the power of setting up an automated business building system that helps to deliver your message to your most interested readers, whilst freeing up your time to focus on other serious matters of your business, like delivering more value?

This is where an email marketing system comes in handy. It literally helps you to load up your own ‘fish bowl’ of the very best prospects.

And Yes, I did type ‘Fish Bowl’. I credit this 2 word phrase coined by a marketer (and I can’t remember his name).

You see: I still see some small brick and mortar businesses, especially cafes leave a bowl on the counter for customers to leave their business cards, so they can gather the contact details of the customers. But, I’m guessing only a few of them would make the real effort to build a list of some sort to follow up.

The good news is, you can build your own ‘fish bowl‘.

You can have a ‘set up and forget’ automated system using an autoresponder to passively attract the very best and the most interested prospects online, 24/7.

It’ll do the heavy lifting for you, so you can follow up with, build the trust and promote to.

And on top of that, you can send out other email updates anytime you want.

Although it might take a tiny bit of effort to compile a series of helpful emails together, it can reward your business big time.

In this article, I’m going to share 6 more solid reasons how it will help to build your home business. I like the power of number 6 the best because it can really nail down the type of stuff your prospect wants.

“But what’s an email autoresponder?” I hear you ask.

Before we get started, an autoresponder is simply a marketing system that helps you automate your delivery so you can grow an audience whilst giving you the platform to build a relationship with prospects and customers.

Say … when a prospect subscribes for a FREE lead magnet like a PDF guide, a cheat-sheet, a checklist, or a webinar, … an email is automatically sent out.

And triggers a chain of emails that gives them what they want to read, even while you are out having fun with family and friends.

In other words, it helps to deliver your content of value so you can build the trust.

Just as important,

When someone does sign up for a FREE guide or make a purchase, he or she will get reply of confirmation, plus a warm welcome.

From a business point of view, it’s a great way to make a positive impression … and acknowledge them.

If you do not confirm the transaction, that person will be left wondering “Did it work? What Do I do next?”

Remember … FIRST impression counts.

Can you now see the effectiveness of emails being sent out on autopilot?

What’s more! If you want to have a serious business online, then you must grow a list of qualified prospects and customers.

It can help grow an audience and transform your business into an automated prospecting system that attracts the best prospects online … even while you sleep.

Which also allows you to engage, promote, FOLLOW UP, and close.

It gives you TOTAL CONTROL. Which I love.

You’re not reliant on some platform that determines the fate of each post, thus limiting the organic reach. They do that because they can and they want you to spend on their advertising platform.

With that cleared …

Here are 6 More Reasons that autoresponders can benefit you

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1. Saves you massive time.

Instead of replying (with delay) to each and every sign up or transaction, the autoresponder takes that manual stuff away, and automatically dispatches a welcome email when a prospect signs up.

The sweet part – it sets off a series of emails each day, and keeps you on your audience radar.

With an autoresponder, you can load up as many emails as you want. Even 365 emails! Every single day of the year.

2. A higher response rate from your audience

This is not surprising. The recipient is at their keenest interest.

They just signed up as a prospect, so they want your content.

Which means, you need to acknowledge them with a welcome email.

Your welcome email should be the start of a relationship phase, not some kind of sales pitch or a salesy push for a product.

Just think of it as being polite. When someone starts knocking on your door, you should be welcoming and say hello … right?

Setting up the auto-response emails is a no-brainer. Open and click through rates are often 2 times higher than any other standard marketing emails!

Not bad.

3. Engage your audience

Your prospects and customers are most alert and most engaged when a confirmation email comes through.

And it is an opportunity to get important messages across. Like, taking them to your website, blog, or social media sites.

Just be sure the main message in the email is confirming the sign up or transaction.

4. It builds the Know, Like And Trust

If you want someone to get familiar enough with you and to trust you, then this is where the autoresponder can fill the gap.

Again, by sending out valuable and fun emails to your list over time, you are communicating your brand, sharing your personality and displaying your value to them.

Which helps grow the connection, and the TRUST with your audience.

Do this part right, and you’ll have people excited to look at your business opportunity, or become a paying customer.

5. An email series that promotes ONE specific product

Whether you are an affiliate, networker, service provider or a digital course creator, you can build anticipation and curiosity around the product or service.

With a series of automated emails, you can promote all the benefits around the service or product daily.

And enable you to tap into the audience’s mind, their needs and desires … and get them pumped up to take the next action.

6. Segment your email list

Yep, you can tag each prospect and customer with each action they take.

By segmenting, you can define a list of those who are most interested from the rest. And keep it targeted.

This means for me, I can send social marketing content to one lot of subscribers, paid marketing content to another segment, email marketing tips to a different segment again.

For example, say a prospect signs up for a FREE guide about Facebook marketing.

The ones who downloaded the guide, you segment them into a list of hot prospects, giving them more content that will guide and educate them the benefits of a specific product on Facebook Marketing.

Speaking of which …

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Now for the ones who did not download the FREE guide, you can segment them into a list of warm prospects, send out reminders to download the guide and go into a nurture phase to build the trust by providing value … and then make a sale.

You can use segmenting in a number of ways from quizzes, unopened emails, special interests to cart abandonment … and you can even segment customers from your prospects.

I hope you can see the power of segmenting your list with an autoresponder.

So take every opportunity to collect information about your audience, and deliver the right stuff to them.

There you have it!

Six solid reasons for using an email autoresponder.

It’s effective.  And it will automate and continuously work for you whilst you’re having time with family and friends!

Plus, it will help to passively attract the very best kind of leads that wants to read more of your content. Content that benefits them, so you can build the trust and turn them into a customer, and possibly motivated team member.

No more chasing.

So, why wouldn’t you want to take advantage of a marketing system that does the heavy lifting for you?

Many of the good providers, like aWeber do offer a free trial. So why not use it grow a list of interested audience, build a relationship and promote.

Without question, an autoresponder is not only an effective tool for building a list, it will help build your business.

P.S In case you’re one of the people (like me) who skim to the P.S before you read the page, here’s what this is about:

1. 6 simple reasons why email marketing can help deepen the connection, build trust and spread your message further.

2. How email marketing can automate your business building effort and passively attract the best prospects even while you sleep.


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