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The 6 Step Framework To Effectively Build Your Home Business With Email

It’s not easy crafting engaging emails that your readers want. If the content doesn’t connect with a reader, then there’s no way you can build the relationship, and make money.


When I first started my home business, I often read about the importance of email marketing. But, I never pursued it because I thought it was too hard.

Frankly, I was too lazy. I wasn’t thinking long term because I wasn’t prepared to put in a bit more effort.

I was looking for quick results. Which is not the right way to build a business, offline or online.

I thought just by pasting content on a platform will be enough to get the sale. Boy, was I dumb.

Since then, I’ve been sending emails consistently. And a damn lot of them.

The point?

If you are using social media to build a business without building a list of your best prospects, then you could land yourself in a world of pain.

While social media is a great platform for generating traffic, you’re not in control of the business. Social platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, and the likes are.

With a simple trigger (decided by their own AI system), your personal profile or even your business can be shut down.

In an instant, you’ve lost all your followers, your fans and your traffic.

I’ve personally had my Facebook personal profile shut down. And I wasn’t even spamming, or even using it.

Or what if Facebook or a social media platform suffers an outage, for even a day?

Can you imagine how devastating that would be?

I’ve heard of small businesses that over relied on Social Media as a form of communication, and were unable to fulfill orders.

“With Facebook being down we’re losing thousands in sales. It may not sound like a lot to others, but missing out on four or five hours of sales could be the difference between paying the electricity bill or rent for the month.” – Mark Donnelly, HUH Clothing. Excerpt from The New York Times 2021 article.

Why Email Marketing is Important?

This highlights the point of having a business model that (you and ) I must have total control over.

An asset (email list) that I own, where Facebook and other social media cannot touch it.

An asset that allows me (at a push of a button) to reach and connect with my audience in a personal way and increase sales at an affordable way.

Unlike an email list, you have no control over whatsoever over Facebook or other social media platforms.

The rules are their rules. They own the platform.

But with your own email list of a warm and hot audience, you have the control! Which gives you an effective channel of communication to attract and enroll customers and new reps without being pushy.    

Email marketing is the most effective channel to grow your home business.

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Leverage Social Media

And if you leverage your preferred social media platform(s) with email, you will have a fantastic system to build both credibility with your audience and a relationship with them!

For example if you post an informative content to your Facebook page, it doesn’t mean that all your followers or fans will even see your posts.

But if you have an email list you can simply, at a click of a button, send an email broadcast notifying your list to check out the post on your page.

You could also do this with your latest blog post of great tips, your latest YouTube video, upcoming Lives and so on.

Can you now see the advantage of an email list?

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You can literally connect your audience at a push of a button.

Plus this is where the real advantage of having an email list is, the relationship building.

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Slowly, over time your audience will start to know, like and trust you.

Which allows you to develop a positive influence with you list.

How cool is that?

But if your sole focus is to continually pitch in your emails you will lose credibility, quickly.

Instead, lead with value.

Your emails should have 3 purposes:

1. To build a relationship
2. To follow up
3. To promote and sell your product or opportunity

What about Facebook Messenger and chatbots like Manychat?

Let me say this.

These are great tools, the icing on the cake for engaging with your audience.

And the more you can reach out, the better.

However your primary goal is to always drive these prospects over to your email list.  ALWAYS.

Again … with your email list, you have total control.

So how do you start writing emails?

1. Picture who you’re talking to

By now, you would have dialed in on their pain, problems, frustrations, dreams and desires.

Imagine yourself having a conversation with this individual, your ideal prospect.

And before you start typing away, ask yourself the following 3 questions-

1. What does this individual would like to hear?
2. How can I inspire this individual?
3. How can I make a connection with this individual?

If you can answer those question, it will be so much easier to create content that will resonate with your individual.

And don’t come in with the mindset that “I need to sell” or “I need to promote my opportunity”.

Instead think of how you are going to provide value for the individual.

2. What are the others doing?

There are a huge number of messages available on social media and via emails.

And in order to stand out from an ocean of marketers, you have to be unique.

Otherwise, people will tune out.

I always come in with a purpose of how I can serve and help them. Yet, at the same time, how I can make my message different and standout in both the newsfeed and the inbox.

When you write a post, think of ways to inspire and teach your audience.

3. Tell stories.

People love reading stories.

Whether it is about your personal life, your kids, your neighbors, a weird holiday, a book you read, a recent movie, a birthday party you attended or a quote, it makes it interesting.

By sharing a slice of your life in your email, you are giving a piece of you … and making a connection.

4. Stand out

You’re not going to be the only one who is sending emails out to your prospects.

You just have to take a look at your inbox and see how many marketing messages you receive.

And in order to grab your individual’s interest, your subject line has to be compelling enough to provoke the interest.

A headline that will scream “Open me now”!

Here’s a couple of examples:

“How to lose 10 pounds in 7 days”
“How to recruit and sponsor new people without pressuring people”
“Do this and get more prospects”

If you know what your individual wants, you can craft a subject line that will catch the attention, and stand out amongst a bunch of messages in their newsfeed and emails.

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5. Transition

You’ve created the story, and now it’s time to segue to the product, service or opportunity.

6. Your call to action

This is where you tell them to what to do next – “go sign up here” “grab this guide here”, “see this” or whatever action to take.

Always. Include a call to action in EVERY email and every message.

If want to learn how to set up an automated prospecting and business building system that attracts endless new prospects and teammates with SM and email marketing, read here.

That’s It … 

A framework to start writing your email.

But learning to write emails that are effective will take time and practice.

It’s a skill that needs plenty of attention.

But if you keep at it consistently and write emails, you can only get better and build the all important, credibility. That, know, like and trust.

And when the time is right for them, they will reach out.

There you have it, 6 steps to crafting your emails to your list.

Which finally takes me to this ….

If you have not been building an email list, then it’s time to grab the control away from the social media platforms.

Start attracting people to your email list by leveraging Facebook and social media platforms (both ads and organic posts) to weed out the people who do not make the cut, leaving you the cream of the crop to work with.

By growing that email list of subscribers, it allows you to consistently craft emails to build the connection with your audience.

If executed correctly, Email marketing is one of the most profitable elements of your business!

Not too sure how to create an email list? Here’s 3 simple tools that will help you generate an ever growing list of hungry prospects.

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P.S In case you’re one of the people (like me) who skim to the P.S before you read the page, here’s what this is about:

1. 6 straight forward framework to building your downline with email marketing .

2. Why email marketing is important for small business, and how you can leverage SM to build it.


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Bye for now,

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