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8 Easy Ways To Get Your Emails Opened, Read And Making You Money

Struggling to get a decent open rate with your emails?

Without question, building an email list is a very important component of every home business. Without one, you’ll be reliant (and at the mercy) on platforms that will limit your reach because they want you to spend on their advertising platform, or may disappear (remember Myspace) one day.

How I wished I had jumped onto this earlier in my home business journey.

And I hope you will. Here’s why …

If you are a network marketer, you would want a list of prospects and customers who are eager to know more about your business.

If you are an affiliate marketer, you would want a list of prospects who are interested in the product you use to grow the business.

If you sell digital products, physical products or services online, you would want a list of prospects and customers you can continually engage and sell to.

It’s so important to grow a list of the very best people so you can build relationship based on trust and value. Email marketing is simply most effective channel for communication and promoting your stuff.

But an email marketing campaign is only effective when the emails are actually opened. And that is where another challenge lies.

You want your emails opened, read and have your reader take the next step to buy, and eventually enroll.

To accomplish a higher open rate, here are 8 easy ways to make your emails stand out and enticing to open (Number 8, I use a lot).


How To Get Higher Email Open Rates For Home Businesses:

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1. Keep Your List Fresh.

It is a good practice to consistently email to your list.

But over time your list will go stale.

And you will have plenty of duds on your list.

That’s natural.

Some people may have changed their emails or simply lost interest.

So do yourself a favor …

From time to time, review your email list and clean it up.

Get rid of dud emails that replies with a bounce-back notification,

And remove email addresses that have a history of not opening your messages.  This is up to you, you can remove people who have not opened your emails the last 6 months, or more.

But before you permanently remove them, why not re-engage and win back the inactive emails subscribers.

Here’s a great example ..

Carol Tice sent an email to her inactive subscribers using a subject line, “Do I bore you?” and simply asked if they still wanted to be on the list. Some replied, and the rest were removed.

A few more ways to revive a dud list-

1. Periodically ask your subscribers to update their contact details and their preference of information. It’s a simple way to give them the control of how they want to engage with you.

2. Conduct a survey – this method allows you to re-engage and more importantly get feedback of the subscriber’s preference of content.

To get the answers you need, throw an incentive in, like for example, a $5 Amazon gift card.

So to keep your list fresh and filled with engaged subscribers, it’s a good idea to periodically remove inactive subscribers.

2. Segment Your Lists.

People will only open their emails when they think an email is relevant for them.

A great way to improve the relevancy of emails?

Segment your subscribers. It’s truly a powerful way to nail down what your readers want to read.

With most email autoresponders, you can add tags to subscribers based on the actions they have taken.

For example, if a subscriber becomes a paying customer, you can tag the customers and send an email campaign different to people who have not bought.

With segmenting, you can even get more specific based on the type of product purchased, demographic, interests and more.

And you can even tag the people who opt-in for one of your free compelling offers.

Which gives you an opportunity to email that segment on that specific topic.

Segmenting your audience into different email lists allows you to focus on the right subject lines and the right messages. Which helps to grab your readers attention with topics that matters to them most.

3. Create Subject Lines That Stands Out.

A key to grabbing the reader’s attention is your title. It’s the key to getting emails and articles read.

Much like a headline title to any blog post and any sales letter, your email subject line matters.

When I first started with emails, I didn’t put a lot of thought to my email headings. Today, I make it a point to craft 5 to 10 titles before deciding on the best one. And by making that effort, my open rates have improved greatly. 

I must admit it does take practice. Some have worked out for me, some haven’t. But that’s part of the process.

So make your subject line pop-up with an enticing line to get your email open rates up.

One way to make a headline stand out is to use power words. It’s these words that will give your headline more flavor and emotion. 

So keep a set of power words near you, and use them 

Also, keep the subject line related to the subject matter.

But don’t get too clever. And it’s never a good idea to trick people to open your emails. That’s a BIG NO.

Keep it simple and get them curious enough to check out your email.

4. First Line Of The Email Body.

Don’t ignore the first line of your email.

The first few words of the email body are often visible in preview. It’s your second chance to reel your reader in.

So take the advantage of it.

5. Write To A Friend.

When writing your emails, don’t be too formal and stuffy with your message.

Instead, write as you would to a friend or a relative.

Make it personal.

It’s really the way to connect and resonate with your subscribers.

And get your email open rates up.

For example, a formal phrase to avoid, “We’re offering discounts to our customers!”

A more personal approach would be, “You’ve gotta check out this deal…”

Make it personal and friendly, and deliver content of value that will benefit them. It’s all about your subscribers.

It’s a topic that’s too big to cover on this post, but here’s a 6 step framework to crafting impactful emails so you can grow spread your message further.

6. Avoid SPAM Trigger Words!

If you want emails to land in the primary inbox of your subscriber, stay away from spammy words.

Some words to avoid – free, money, income, cash, clearance, etc.

For more spam filter words, go to Google and look online for those spammy words.

7. Don’t Ignore Mobile Users.

According to a Bluehornet research, 67.2% of consumers use a smartphone device to check their emails.

In other words, don’t ignore your mobile users.

To appeal to the mobile subscribers, make sure your email is mobile user friendly, and your subject line short and to the point.

As well, consider using smaller images to lower the load time.

And use a LARGE call-to-action button for the user to tap.

8. Resend To Non-Open Using A Different Subject Line!

This method is my favorite. It’s one I use week in, week out without fail because by resending emails to the people who haven’t read my emails, I’ve seen positive results from it.

So please don’t make the mistake of thinking that sending emails once is enough. It isn’t.

Here’s why …

You may be missing out on potential new opens. And miss out on new customers and sign-ups.

You see …

There are plenty of reasons why people don’t check their emails.

Some reasons are

– They could be busy on the day your email is sent.

– The email subject line didn’t grab their interest.

– They’re not in the mood today to check out your message.

And more.

This is where segmenting subscriber’s behavior comes in handy.

Rather than sending the email once, you segment the people who haven’t opened the emails.

And resend the emails using a different subject line.

But you don’t stop there.

Again, you change up the subject line and resend the emails to the ones who did not open.

Until you have systematically narrowed your list down to the people who haven’t yet opened.

The neat thing about this process, you’ll be able to laser in on the style of subject lines that will generate the best open rates.

Now you know …

With a bit of testing and tweaking, you can increase your email open rate.

Really, it is how you can get higher email open rates for network marketing and any home businesses online.

And this is worth another mention, never trick people into opening your emails. Always focus on delivering value to your list, give them what they want to read, and always deliver the goods in your messages.

So why not use one or some of the steps above and monitor the open rate.

You can’t go wrong but increase your email and have it read.

Thank you for reading!


Jason OU

P.S In case you’re one of the people (like me) who skim to the P.S before you read the page, here’s what this is about:

1. 8 simple tips to increase your email open rates and read so you can make more money!

2. A simple trick to keep your email list fresh and engaged!


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