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Make Money Online Blogging

A ton of useful tips to have you build a profitable blogging business.

Can You Start a Blog With No Experience? Blogging for Beginners

Wondering, Can You Start a Blog With No Experience? YES. You. Can. You see. I was once like you. I knew nothing about starting a blog. Nothing. But several blogs later, I can say any beginner blogger can start a blog. So, let's explore the basics and launch your...

Do I Need a Laptop to Blog?

Starting a blog brings up a big question: Do I Need a Laptop to Blog? No, you don't need one because you can use smart-phones and tablets to blog too. But, let's untangle this web together - minus all the tech jargon - and decipher whether or not a laptop is indeed...

Does WordPress Include Hosting? Get the Truth for Your Website

Curious about website hosting with WordPress? Does WordPress include hosting? The answer is yes! WordPress does include hosting. However, there are important details you should know. This guide will help you pick the right choice for your site.Key TakeawaysImage -...

Do All Blog Posts Need To Be At Least 300 Words?

Navigating the blogging world often brings up questions about ideal post length. "Do all blog posts need to be at least 300 words?" Not necessarily. While longer posts can delve deep into topics, shorter ones have their own charm and effectiveness. Keep reading to...

How to Start Successfully Blogging For Beginners in 2023

Looking for a foolproof guide on how to start blogging for beginners? In this helpful resource, you won't have to worry about confusing words or too much extra stuff. We've kept it simple and clear so you can understand how to start a blog. When you finish this...

Are Blogs Becoming Obsolete (Dead) or Still Relevant?

Ever found yourself pondering, "Are blogs becoming obsolete?" You're not alone. I also had that nagging question in my mind. So, I popped on my detective hat and plunged into a sea of data, only to find out - contrary to popular belief - blogging isn't taking its last...

What is The Most Difficult Part of Blogging?

Dipping your toes into the world of blogging may seem like a walk in the park at first glance, right? But those who have been brave enough to take the plunge - myself included - will tell you it's not exactly as breezy as it appears. So. "What is the most difficult...

How to Get Your Blog Noticed & Grow Traffic – 17 Proven Ways

I yelled at my laptop screen, "No one is reading my blog!" It was a moment of frustration I faced when I first decided to blog. It was ticking me off. Big time. However, it's just one of those common frustrations faced by many new bloggers who want to get noticed...

How To Start A Travel Blog Without Traveling: The Complete Guide

Ever thought about starting a travel blog, but your day-to-day commitments have you grounded? You're not alone. Dive into this guide to discover the art of virtual voyaging and creating a successful travel blog right from the comfort of your home. With creativity and...

I have chosen to work with Jason and his team for over 5 years because he offers a personalised approach to my website development and SEO. He is approachable and pleasant to deal with. You never feel like you are just a number!

Andrew Hong

Principal, Clarinda Clinic

Jason has been the best. On time, fantastic communication! highly recommend. Has done a great job for my mobile website and SEO expert. Thank you.

Andrea Kleman

Principal, Purely Whitening

Without Jason, I wouldn’t be in the position I currently am – he really has worked wonders for me. Not only this, but he is a lovely chap too. He always has time to explain details and has plenty of patience when it starts getting technical. I’m still a customer of Jason’s and can see myself being one for a long time to come!

Simon Woodcock

Event Photographer, Man With a Camera

Jason entered the scene and we were at once impressed with his nature and his knowledge and expertise in the area. Following a no rubbish, solid tactical foundation he and his team have achieved the goals we established in a time frame that exceeded our expectations.

I have no problem recommending Jason for successful implementation of SEO strategies and I can be contacted directly for a personal referral.

David Lange

Event Photographer, CBD Photography

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