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A Roadmap to Creating an Online Brand in Network Marketing

Want to know how attraction marketing can really help build your network marketing business quickly, side-step rejection, and also pave the way for easier prospecting and recruiting? Before I get onto that, please spare me a quick minute… During your network marketing journey, have you ever wondered how a well-respected, and successful person joins an organization and literally overnight pull dozens, if not hundreds, of people join him or her? These successful network marketers seem to, at a click of their fingers, create “immediate” success, right? With a few phone calls, a text here and there, and bang … a posse joins his or her team. It’s like a social organization (a fellowship) that is built on trust, and literally gives total advantage to that person – which is a major component in attraction marketing. Although their success was not built overnight, these people had established themselves with a successful reputation, and as a result, had built a following. That is because, their followers liked and trusted them – their BRAND. More importantly, people follow winners. And this is the crucial basis of personal branding. A highly regarded ‘brand’ is built on a following, a solid reputation, and results. Now, most of us just starting out do not have that type of pull nor a big network of connections to create that advantage. But it is possible to create that advantage for yourself. And that is, leveraging attraction marketing. Without question, regardless of your background, attraction marketing can help anyone to create that advantage. To accomplish that, you will need to invest in two areas – yourself and your team. By investing in yourself you are building your knowledge, your confidence and your value. And by investing your effort and time in your followers, you are helping them to grow and achieve success. This is, in essence attraction marketing. The more you invest in your own self worth, the larger a following will grow. The more you invest in your recruits, the more they will duplicate and invest in their own followings. Remember the people with that brand advantage – guess what, they have invested in themselves and they have invested their effort in OTHERS over the time too. Anyways, this will take time. Rome was not built overnight, so why would your brand and reputation be built that swiftly? The reality is, it will take a bit of your effort and time to have things rolling. It could be 6 months or even 1 year.  But it is still way more easier and faster than home meetings, face to face meet-ups and pestering all your contacts on your phone. So let’s get onto the roadmap to creating that online brand.

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Phase 1 – Social Media Post

First, let ‘s be clear: network marketing is different to attraction marketing. Both requires it’s own skill to master

Network marketing requires the knowledge and skill to train your team of followers, build an engaging community, and developing leaders.

Whilst attraction marketing requires the skill to automate most of the system efficiently and leveraging it to convert the leads.

With that said …

Focus on learning and mastering, just one thing …

Facebook Sponsored Social Media Posts

We can talk all day about the advantages and disadvantages of other social media platforms, but Facebook presents a huge opportunity. And it should be the first social media site to begin with.

Once you have mastered Facebook and leveraged most of the traffic you can garner, then the likes of Instagram, Pinterest and so on, maybe considered.

With Facebook sponsored social media posts, you will learn how to craft the right message to the right target audience and attract an endless supply of prospects.

And once your prospects start engaging with your insightful posts, the attraction marketing system that you have in place takes over and converts them into leads – by this stage, they will have given their contact information for you to follow-up.

With this permission marketing set up, you can email them, PM them on Facebook or reach out to them.

But don’t expect your prospects to pull out their wallet for you.  Instead, you will be providing them with loads of value to keep them informed and engaged. This strategy helps build the rapport with them.

Even if they do not sign-up or buy directly from you, you will still have the opportunity to direct prospects to products or services that will benefit their business and earn commissions off them (or money from your own digital products).

Which will help cover your operating costs.

Phase 2 – Build Your Personal Brand

In Phase 1, it’s about building a following – a few prospects in your system.

Regardless of the number leads or new recruits or sales you have generated, the biggest factor is this:

You have people to communicate and engage with you.

At this stage, it is about the development of your personal brand, you are getting results and naturally, your prospects will want to learn more about you and the steps you’ve taken. Now, that positions you as the goto person, the leader.

During this new phase, you should be sending out useful information (emails, videos, and links to your own blog posts) to your prospects, your followers.

This phase here helps you build a  relationship with your followers – they learn more about you and you get to build your reputation.

By investing in your followers, your brand grows.

Now, follow the 80/20 rule.

  • Spend 80% of your time and effort on delivering value
  • Spend 20% of your time recruiting & promoting the business

Once or twice a month, hold an online webinar presentation and invite prospects to check out your opportunity. With this method, you will evaluate how he or she might be able to team up with you.

At the conclusion of the webinar presentation, invite them to join your team.

Then you will assess, interview and choose the candidate.

Hope you get this here – there’s no more convincing! People are reaching out to you to work with YOU!

As your following and online personal brand grows, the number and quality of people wanting to join increases.

Right here, you are getting serious leads – the people who wants to join your team

Phase 2 may take 6 to 12 months to completely take place. But the number of people joining your network marketing business will steadily grow.

But the best part is, you are creating an asset, and that is

  • Your growing number of followers
  • Your own list of email and contact
  • Your advantage via social media

As your brand builds, you now enter the third and final phase of the Attraction Marketing Roadmap.

Phase 3 – Attracting The Whales

You will know it when you have reached this phase.  It is when you have the brand, the skills, the results to attract the influencers – the “whales.”

With your growing brand, the industry leaders begin to notice and they start following you.

And when they see the value of partnering up with you, they will reach out.

If you are attracting good leaders, and something has put them off with their company’s direction, financial situation, or integrity – you will be the first on their mind.

The reason, you have created your own attraction marketing system, and have produced results, great value, and solid reputation, leaders will want to team with you when it is time for that change.

Attraction Marketing is Not A Race

Hopefully, the 3 phases of attraction marketing has brought some light to the opportunity of growing your brand online. As you may a better insight as to things work with attraction marketing, we hope you can see that it is the best way to build a network marketing business.

“Oh Jason! It’s too much work”.

Nothing comes easy, but if you give yourself a realistic time frame and invest in yourself (and your followers) to grow, it will come.

I look forward to your success.


Jason Ou

P.S In case you’re one of the people (like me) who skim to the P.S before you read the page, here’s what this is about:

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2. Two online personal branding strategies to create credibility with your audience.


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Bye for now,

Jason Ou

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