Steal These 20 Social Media Post Ideas For Content Creation

In my most recent post, you discovered 3 simple video content marketing tips to generating quality leads. You can still read it here.

Moving on ….

Have you felt lost and frustrated for social media post ideas? I have.

Although, I’ve posted plenty of content on social, there’s still those occasional times I still do get stuck.

It’s not easy to consistently post stuff out. I mean the good stuff that your readers want to read.

This is especially true when you’re first starting out. I recall when I first began on my social content marketing journey, it was hard.

There were times, an inspiration or two would come along, and I get it out. Great.

There were times when I spent far too much time staring at a blank screen with no clear idea on what to post. A big fat nothing.

It was mentally draining. It was frustrating. It was precious time lost. Time, I could have used to work on the more serious stuff of the business.

We go through all this effort because posting good content multiple times a week can help attract the people you want, passively. With good content that focuses on helping people out, you can grow a following online and build up your credibility.

However, starting from a blank page is darn hard.

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Where can I get ideas for social media posts?

What if you have a framework, a structure that can help kickstart your social content marketing?

With a framework you can follow, you can add your ideas and thoughts to the post. It’s like a following a recipe.

It makes creating content far easier and simpler. It keep you on the a straight path.

Best of all, you can apply the same structure for writing a blog post, writing a guest post or even creating content for your videos. And you know how important video marketing is. Right?

In a post I recently found on Medium. Nick Nolan lays out 20 social media frameworks that will help you craft more impactful content so you can grow your brand and influence online.

Read it below, so you can crank out impactful content for the people who needs to read it.

What makes good social media content??

It’s really about dialing in one who your ideal customer is. That means, gigging into the market and finding out what they want to fix.

Once you figure this out, give them some great content that benefits them, build the trust and then point them to things that make you money.

So get creative and focus on helping people.

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And to help you crank out a never endling flow of social content, I’ve compiled a cheat sheet “93 Social Media Post Ideas You Can Use To Attract The Best Prospects And Boost Your Engagement“.

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