Try These 3 Video Content Marketing Tips To Grow Your Audience Online

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In the beginning, the thought of getting in front of a video didn’t appeal to me. Why? I was giving in to fear. The fear of sounding and looking stupid. The fear of being a really awkward clown, who’s not funny nor silly. For most people starting out with video content marketing, it’s totally understandable.

When it comes to trying something that’s not comfortable, we all have this fear within. A fear of failure.

Personally, when it came to video marketing, I had to do it.

If I wanted to make any progress, even a small one, I had to ditch my fears, do it and get over the fact that I will look awkward for my first 50 plus videos.

As Dale Carnegie points out…

Do the thing you fear to do and keep on doing it… that is the quickest and surest way ever yet discovered to conquer fear.

For sure, if you want to increase your brand exposure, conversions, and help educate your audience, then video marketing is an effective communicational channel.

It’s really like a virtual bridge that speeds up the connection between your prospects and your brand.

And if you haven’t realize by now, most, if not all, social networks like Facebook allow users to post and share their videos and Lives.

This is because it can draw the attention of viewer easily.

Also, not only are videos a fast way to get your message across easily, it is also an effective way to build your email list of hungry prospects and customers.

People who you want to work with.

You see …

As long as you provide great content, content that helps educate people. Content that your people wants to read.

Viewers will respond more positively after watching a video, and leave their name and email to subscribe to your list. Which gives you the chance to deliver more value so you can build your personal brand, and then make the sale.

And, if find you writing a chore and a huge pain in the you know what, video marketing is a fantastic option.


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What Are The Benefits Of Video Marketing?

I’m not going to go in full detail here, but here are a few benefits:
You can

  • Increases your personal brand awareness
  • Build the trust and credibility
  • Increase sales
  • Increase your email subscribers
  • Influence buying decisions
  • Videos more digestible
  • Reach other people who prefers watching video
  • Bump up conversions
  • Social video generates more shares.

Again, it’s the content that matters in the video. Aim to deliver useful content that informs and educates your target audience.

3 Video Content Marketing Tips For Beginners

1. Facebook Video Ads.

Want a fast way to get your video out, and to a specific audience?

Why not try Facebook Video Ads.

Not only is Facebook is the biggest social network, it has a darn effective advertising platform.

There’s plenty of options (engagement ads to conversion ads) availabe within Facebook Paid Ads to give your videos more reach and exposure.

And there’s an enormous number of people watching videos on Facebook.

Here’s a couple of stats compiled from 99Firms

  • More than 4 billion video views take place on Facebook every day.
  • 500 million viewers watch 100 million hours of video content on Facebook daily.
  • 65% of all Facebook video views come from mobile users.


What’s more … Facebook highly favors Lives and videos as a majority of their Facebook users prefer watching videos.

As a sidenote, I get more organic reach and engagement from my Lives than the standard text and image format.

Look, if you want to get your message out super fast, create a video, set up Facebook Engagement Ads to go out to a selected group of people.

A target audience who potentially will respond more positively to what you have to offer.

In regards to the video length, it can be as short as 30 seconds or longer than 5 minutes.

But, make sure the content is useful. Just give it a crack, test out a few videos and find the right length for your video ads.

And as always add a call to action and a link for viewers to sign up.

A nice bonus with Facebook Paid Ads, you can target people on Instagram too.

But you’ll need to have an IG account to be able to target users of IG.

How Effective Are Video Ads?

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According to an Hubspot article

Most marketers feel that video is a brilliant investment for lead generation. 86% of video marketers say video has been effective for generating leads, up another 2% from 2021 and up 5% since 2019.

I reckon, Yes. You ought to be trying video content marketing too.

2. Youtube.

It’s huge.

With over 2.0 billion monthly active users, Youtube’s reach is second only to Facebook.

But, when it comes to content – YouTube is still the reigning king.

With this search engine, you can drive FREE organic traffic to your website, and potentially drive more leads online … long term.

As well, Google loves videos! Which means you can increase the likelihood that your target audience will find you when searching for relevant information on Google search.

Again, if you create and ‘optimize’ videos targeting keywords and topics around what people are looking up on the Youtube (and Google search), you can get potentially get free organic leads over time.

With a search engine like Youtube, optimizing a video can go a long way in boosting your presence and reach.

Here are a few key steps to generating leads with Youtube

  • Optimize your title and content in the description.
  • Add YouTube cards.
  • Add Content cards.
  • Promote landing pages with end screens.
  • Organize your content into playlists.
  • Respond to and encourage comments.
  • Add a note and link to a landing page in your description box to encourage people to sign up for your email list.
  • Get you video out at optimal times.

A nice handy Youtube research tool to consider is VidIq.

It gives you a host of information from the number of monthly searches on a keyword to providing useful numbers on a competitor’s channel.

A little bit more info can make a difference.

As well, you can use Youtube paid ads to drive targeted traffic to your videos and email list.

And you can retarget people based on engagement to your YouTube videos.


As always the aim of every video is to educate viewers, answer and respond to questions, and provide calls to action (CTA) to get viewers to join your email list.

3. Pinterest.

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A social media site that should not be overlooked is Pinterest.

Aside from pinning eye catching images, you can now pin videos (4 seconds to 15 minutes long).

Again, with a platform like Pinterest, you can create videos (and Pins) that will educate and help your viewers.

A well optimized pin (video or image) can generate FREE organic leads over and over.

So why not repurpose your Facebook Lives or Youtube, and Pin the videos in Pinterest for more organic leads.

Alternatively, you can encourage Pinterest users to watch full length videos on YouTube, and grow a Youtube audience. To do this, you can produce trailers and shorter snippets to attract your Pinterest Followers and traffic to view the complete video on your YouTube channel.

As well, for faster results, take advantage of Pinterest Paid Ads and pin point your videos to a specific audience.

Again, this is another effective video marketing strategy to grow your email list.

Something of note here, according to Statista…

As of the second quarter of 2021, Pinterest had 454 million monthly active users worldwide.

It may not be as big as Facebook or Youtube, but the numbers are still pretty significant.

Which gives you an opportunity to build your reach and presence in a platform that is less crowded and less competitive than the big Two.

Just do it…

Videos are huge, and it will only get bigger.

If you haven’t started, then this the time to level up your business with video marketing.

With videos, you can get your message and information out in a short time. Shorter time needed that a standard text.

Plus with videos, you can show and tell more effectively than any other format.

Which makes it more engaging for the viewers and can build that much needed relationship with them.

And since video marketing is an effective tool to building a connection with an audience, you can easily promote your email list and talk about the value by signing up to your email list.

So take advantage of Youtube, Facebook and Pinterest to scale up your business.

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