5 Essential Steps To Effectively Recruit On Social Media

Unless you’ve been living in a hut somewhere in the dense jungle of Borneo for the past 20 years, you’re most likely have one or two social media account….

And possibly seen some marketers trying to grow their business by recruiting on social media.

Some of you reading this post might have serious doubts whether these social media recruiting strategy can work for your business.

However if you ignore social media as a tool to strategically recruit, you might as well go back to the jungles of Borneo and contemplate the sound of crickets.

You see…

Without question, social media is an awesome way to prospect, recruit and grow a team for your Network Marketing business.

But you just got to do it the right way.

Too many naïve network marketers believe that in order to sell and recruit they have to blatantly pimp their product and opportunity all over social media.

Instead, you have to change your mindset from blatantly selling to providing service.

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In other words, you will have to provide solutions that will benefit your specific and responsive audience.


No more social media spamming, no more begging, no more pestering, no more charming people into joining a home party or one-on-one presentation.

Done correctly you won’t ever have to feel embarrassed or ashamed … and face any rejection.

If people are interested they will want to find out more about you and what you have to offer.  And if they want to do business with you they will reach out.

You might be asking how do you recruit the right way?

Here are 5 steps to effectively recruit through social media and build a sizeable business online…

1. Pick ONE social media platform for recruitment

You have a plethora of social media platforms to choose from – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Clubhouse, YouTube, LinkedIn, TikTok and more.

Now that’s quite a few.

So which social media platform?

It really boils down to the type of product or service you want to market.

It depends on your target audience and where they will most likely hangout online. Also it depends what your competitors are doing.

social media platforms for recruitment
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My recommendation if you are just starting out is to get comfortable with ONE platform, master it … and get really good at it.

By mastering ONE platform, you are pouring your effort and energy into learning it and building a sizeable business online sooner.

Use it to build your personal brand and voice and grow your audience. And that means your fan base.

The platform I recommend you begin with is Facebook, as they are over 2 5 billion Facebook users. It is enormous.

As well, people are familiar with the brand.

Plus, Facebook makes it simple to start generating quality leads in a couple of hours … and at very reasonable prices.

What’s more … the Facebook interface is straight-forward to use.

Once you have mastered Facebook and reached a point where you are building a forward momentum, you can move on to another platform and start cross promoting to expand your reach.

2. Build a business presence online

Which one do you start with… your business page page or your own personal profile?

While most people use your own personal profile I recommend starting with your business page.

A business page has many advantages.

The main one is you can use it specifically for a business.

And you can scale up your social media recruiting reach quickly with Facebook ads. As well, you can retarget your ads, and be as targeted as possible to get your perfect customer.

Better still, you can leverage Facebook Ads to passively generate quality leads and team members.

Don’t stress if this sounds complicated, the platform is easy to use and quickly to set up.

And when you start building the forward momentum, start a blog and post more great content for your audience to build up your credibility.

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3. Build a new warm audience

At this point you would have selected ONE social media platform. Most likely Facebook, and set up a business page.

So do you start promoting your business or opportunity?

This is a HUGE NO.

I repeat.

DO NOT promote your business or opportunity.

This is the fastest way to destroying your brand by turning off a whole bunch of people.

Rather than focusing on selling, your priority is to grow a group of followers/ fans/audience.

To accomplish this you can ask people to follow and support you, as well follow the people who fits your target audience.

Another option is to reach out to your current warm audience on your personal profile and invite them to take a look at your business page.

As well, you can ask them for the feedback.

You can also ask supportive friends and family members to check out your business page and share it with people they think that might be interested.

To reach out you can invite them with a post like this.

Hi (name of your friend), I’ve just started a new business and created a new page that will discuss on ways to grow a business online using the power of social media.  Can I trouble you for your feedback. Please feel free to follow/like/share any suggestions. Thank you.

That’s it. NO selling on your part. NO recruiting.

It’s just about promoting you… your BRAND.

To accomplish this, you need to start posting value for your specific audience. And that means posting interesting and engaging content.

4.  Post interesting engaging content consistently

If you are using Facebook you can start posting stories, articles, images, videos, or links to handy articles that will benefit your audience.

The aim here is to build a connection with like-minded followers. A community.

Like the above third step there’s NO selling, NO mentioning of your product or business opportunity.

Instead you are posting useful articles, posting tips, sharing a joke, posting a story about a friend and so on.

how do you recruit through social media
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Post least three 1 to 3 times a day and mix it up. Allow people into your world.

If you get any comments like or share, thank them. Engage with them.

Best part is social media platforms like Facebook has a way for you to track your post from the number of reach, number views, number of engagements and more.
The numbers will give you information on the type of content you should create for your audience

At this point your aim is to build your audience provide value and get social.

And once in every 4 posts, start sharing a link to your website or capture page to get interested leads for your business or opportunity.

5. Promote to your new warm audience

Once you understand what piques your audience interest (problems and desires), it’s time to build content on your website and grow your email list.

The link to the content is then shared on your page and if it is compelling enough, your prospect will click on the link to a landing page to exchange the contact information (name and email) for.

This content is also known as a lead magnet and it must be valuable enough for the interested prospect to provide their contact details.

To build up your email list here are just a few other ways …

You can start a Facebook live and post a link to the Free lead magnet.

You can start a Facebook ad campaign to attract more leads to your lead magnet
Once your email list starts growing, it is time to nurture and build a further connection with that list.

Thereafter, you can lead them through every step of your sales final, right up to the stage where they are super interested to buy your products or to learn more about your opportunity.

That is it. Simple. Straightforward.

At the beginning, the process starts by building your brand. There is NO selling.

It is a change in mindset.

And it is about establishing a connection, building up a fan base and more importantly understanding their needs.

Once you have an understanding of their needs and desires, you start posting the good stuff.  Stuff that helps. And then, occasionally, you offer a compelling lead magnet in exchange for both the name an email.

At this point you start building up the ‘trust’ in you and up to the point where you can turn them into customers and motivated teammates.

The best part is … once you have the system in place, your social media recruiting strategy can be automated and scaled up more.


This will take time.

This will take patience.

And it requires mastering ONE social media platform at a time!

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Resources To Grow Your Business With


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Bye for now,

Jason Ou

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