The 3 Questions Every Network Marketer Must Ask to Finding Red Hot Prospects

Are you sick and tired of the rejections and prospecting? I was.

I chased 2 of my mates. Got the rejection. And it felt really awkward. It didn’t feel right plugging a product that didn’t match their profile.

Let’s face it, it’s really hard work plucking up the courage to approach strangers or people in a social setting about the business.

It’s stressful!

The old traditional technique of focusing your efforts on chasing people, friends and relatives can be fruitful for some, but for most people (like myself), it’s stupidly, stressful.

I guess it’s why a lot people become disillusioned and drop out of the network marketing business.

And I don’t get how jotting a list of all your contacts on your phone and burning through them about this fantastic opportunity that will change their lives can work.

In fact most contacts on your list may not be even interested in a product or even in a business opportunity because they may not be open to the idea or a need for it right now.

It’s literally like pitching a weight loss product to a fitness fanatic or a skinny person.

Take for example, my friend Chris.

  • He’s happy at his 9 to 5 day job
  • He get’s good pay
  • Running his own business is not on his to do list
  • He’s a fitness geek, runs daily to stay in shape. He’s fit, and what’s more he plans his meals carefully.

Does it make sense that I should plug a weight loss product to him? Do you think he is the right person to talk to?

But he is on my contact list!

And say, if I approached him about a business opportunity, he’ll most likely reject me because he’s happy where he is right now.

That might change down the road … but who knows?

So hunting him down is like throwing spaghetti on the wall and hoping that it will stick.

Going about it this way leads to more frustration, and a complete waste of your time

But There’s a Better Way!

An important step is to decide the type of target audience you want to reach out.  When you reach out to the right audience the attention factor goes up and you will experience more positive feedback because these are the group of people already looking for a solution to their problem.

In order to identify your prospects there are three key questions you need to ask.

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3 Must Have Questions

1. What kind of people do I want to attract?

So take the time to list out who are these types of people you want to target from gender, age group, moms, dads, families, do they have kids, type of employment, where do they live and so on.

By developing a customer profile with a detailed description of your audience from the age group, gender, marital status, income, interest, values, attitudes and so on, it helps you to identify the type of audience that will buy your products and services.

So ask yourself this, if you had to choose your audience, what qualities are you looking for?

2. What are they looking for? What are their biggest problems, pain and fears I can solve?

In other words, what keeps your perfect prospects up at night?

Detailing this area will help you pinpoint the people that will benefit the most, as well have the ability to continually buy from you.

3. What are their desires and dreams in life?

Being able to offer that solution to help them reach his or her goal will go a long way in building the trust.

That’s Where The Value Comes In!

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When you understand your target audience you will know their needs and it’s much easier to figure the right solution to their desire and strike that conversation.

Otherwise not understanding your market will be a difficult process in finding a prospect that is willing to listen to you.

After you’re able to attract the right people to your product, service or network marketing, you will get better at recruiting and enrolling them into your team.

The reason is, you are focused at addressing their needs with a solution.

So what else can you do to get more trust in your business?

Provide value and over deliver. It’s the way to build your brand.

And you can use a simple system (which I outlined here) to attract hot prospects to your team with an effective social media campaign to build your brand today.

The system I use has helped me attract prospects like yourself to me, online, and has helped draw more targeted leads to my funnel 24 hours a day … and on autopilot.

Not knowing its target can be a big mistake for a business. Trying to rustle new clients or customers without knowing who it will target can cost the business a lot of time and money. – Carl Kenton, Investopedia

So know your target audience well and create content that will grab their attention.


Jason Ou


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Bye for now,

Jason Ou

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