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In case you missed it, in my most recent post, I shared 5 reasons why your personal brand matters and how you can build credibility online so you can drive more sales and signup. Read it here

A big reason why I wanted to start my own business was to create more financial freedom for my family and build up that private school fund for both my kids.

My definition of freedom means more time working at home and more quality time spent with the family.

But, the thought of running around and arranging appointments to see the next prospect about the product and business opportunity, even having home parties was not something I wanted to think about.

Not so long ago, I used to cold call local businesses about my service.

Although I had success with it, I just didn’t enjoy the time spent to land a lead. Go though the process of convincing.

The experience of just calling up businesses was not fun. It was nerve wrecking. And the rejections didn’t help.

I wish I knew before I started chasing, it would lead to a lot of stress.

But, when I found this product that showed how I could attract my ideal prospects without being annoying or salesy, I decided to focus on helping people out by posting content that my readers wanted to consume.

I also noticed the top notch leaders had their own blog. They posted solid content that benefited their readers. Which helped boost their credibility, boost their brand and of course, with such a strong presence online, the website helped attract endless new prospects to them automatically. 

And I hear you …

Can I Just Create My Own Website?

Yes, anyone can. It’s not expensive. And it’s easy to start one. Keep reading to find out.

With that said, I began my entrepreneurial journey by starting my own blog and Facebook fan page.

Look, my website is not the best looking website.  It’s reasonable, but it took me only an hour using both Canva and WordPress to put it together.  I’ll probably improve the aesthetic down the road.

If you simply “Google” how to use WordPress, you’ll get truckloads of information to help you set up one.

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How Can I Create My Own Website at Home?

  1. Register your own domain name (preferably your name), from Namesheap or Namesilo.
  2. Choose a web-hosting service (Hostgator, Bluehost, etc).
  3. Install WordPress (it’s free).
  4. Choose one of the many free themes within WordPress, or buy one that is customizable.
  5. Build out your website content.

The Priority

My priority then and now, is to build my personal brand by sharing the knowledge and experience I have learnt and help people along their own path. Always.

You see … I want to be that person everyone can count on. Hopefully, I will be for you.

My own blog is the perfect springboard for building authority and credibility in the reader’s mind.

Plus the fun in building your website (if you choose to), is to learn something new and teach other people …

  • Using WordPress
  • Use the best plugins
  • Designing graphics
  • Social media marketing
  • Content management
  • Website hosting
  • Email marketing
  • Best website practices

It just builds your personal development, confidence, and knowledge.

You see, just by researching, going through other trainings, you can share and inform people simply by writing. Delivering content of value.

Which also, gives you the inside-out knowledge to apply in other areas of the business.

Having your own blog gives you that presence and a voice.

Even if you are brand new and have no runs on the board, your readers will look to you as someone who is credible. Someone who consistently provides value through your own blog.

Although you are not ‘tooting’ your own credibility, your readers will take you seriously.

Seriously, it’s a far better option than cold calling people or having that home party.

So if you want to build a presence online (and with social), then you just have to simply start building your own blog now.

Put in the effort to post content (text, video, or podcast), and invite others to follow your journey.

And as long as you provide value to your readers, showcase what you stand for, you can build trust and passively generate leads to your business.

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But …

“But Jason, what about YouTube, Facebook or LinkedIn?”

You can … but I wouldn’t recommend  it.

You see with your own blog you have total control, you own your own domain name, you own your design and no one can shut you down or take it away from you.

With Facebook or YouTube, you have to follow their rules and you are limited to what you can do with it. So you have no control or whatever say in it.

Plus, your account can be easily be shut down, and you will lose all your great content.

Your blog is your business!  No one else’s.

You just have to look back at the issues surrounding Tik Tok in mid 2020.

President Trump had threatened to close off Tik Tok’s access to the US market. You can imagine the panic the users of Tik Tok were going through!

I experienced it with Squidoo 7 years ago when my account was shut down and all my content was lost. I lost big time with my online sales.

And now Squidoo has disappeared. It was a great lesson.

So don’t put in all your effort and content on any site you have no control over.

When I post any informative content on Facebook, I’ll direct prospects straight to my blog.

And when you use social media like Facebook to direct traffic to your blog, your website will do the grunt work … and work 24/7 for you, everyday!

Can you see now the advantages of starting your own blog over other social media sites?

If your brand is coupled with a robust website with any social media marketing, you can easily drive people to your blog, who are reaching out to you wanting more information about your business, product or service, and you will have people signing up to your email system or buying products.

Now, that’s SWEET.

In Summary …

Look, Facebook, Youtube and other Social Media sites are fantastic, but it should be used as a tool to drive visitors to your blog.

Your own blog is the most effective tool that you have total control over, and it is the platform for launching your personal brand, business opportunity, product and service.

But, if you are find the personal branding stuff still daunting, then I highly recommend you sign up for The Home Business Smart Guide here.

It’s a straight forward 12 page guide where you will learn how to create a serious brand for your business using Social Media —where hot prospects come to you round the clock —interested in your product, service or business!

No matter where you’re at with your business, even if you are a newbie, you can learn these simple methods starting today.

Why not start building your own blog today, and boost your credibility with your audience.

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Resources To Grow Your Business With


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You’ll learn how to grow your network marketing business, without dealing with rejection. You’ll learn how to recruit people without the daily grind of prospecting!

So if you’re ready to get started…

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Bye for now,

Jason Ou

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