4 Essential Tips to Launching Your Home Business

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Starting an online business from home is not going to be a smooth walk in the park.  

I’m not going to sugar coat this. It won’t be easy.

There’s so much content (some crap ones) being shoved into your throat, it will leave you feeling drained, lost and overwhelmed.

It’s like having ten Big Macs with fries for breakfast. But, you’ll be puking after.

Such information overload is not uncommon. I got trapped by it. What I thought would help me, didn’t.

And another thing about starting a home business, it will take time to lay the groundwork. There’s going to be the mistakes, the changes and so on.

But it’s part of the process. I wish I could offer a short-cut. But there isn’t any. And you’d be silly to think there is one.

What’s more, you won’t be earning money straight away … and for some time. Unless, you’re one of a small handful of the ‘very special ones’.

That’s just the reality of running any business. From a brick and mortar business, mom and pop business, digital business and to network marketing, it takes TIME!

A good example, but on a different scale of business. Did you know it took Amazon like 6 years to make a tiny bit of profit, like 1 cent per share from a $1 billion dollar revenue?

I bet there was plenty of blood, sweat and tears poured into laying the groundwork from its beginnings to it’s first profit and to where the company is now!

On a really smaller scale, like my business. It did take time too.

As a home based business, a dadpreneur juggling between 2 kids and work, it wasn’t easy.

But I got the hang of it.

All it took was – some prioritizing, a stubborn commitment, more hard work and sensible time management.

Now with that reality out of the way, I’m going to share four simple tips to help you set up the business on the correct path for both short term and long term online success.


4 Simple Tips To Start An Online Business From Home

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1. Build an email list of hungry prospects and customers.

I’m big on building an email list because it allows me to help my readers as best I can.

And it’s the list that gives you control of your business.

It’s invaluable, which makes it a long term sustainable business!

The reason being …

You’re not reliant on platforms that can limit your reach, potentially shutting down your account or even go bankrupt.

Plus …

The prospects that have signed up to your email list are the very best kinds.

And when you have a communication system that allows you to stay in front of a list of audience, you stand a far better chance of closing more prospects than not having one.

And yes, it does take time to come up with good consistent content.

But if you continually work at providing good content to your list, the effort will be worth it.

What’s more, with a reliable autoresponder you’ll be able to set up an automated prospecting system that does all the heavy lifting while you sleep!

So how do you build an email list?

Choose a social platform like a Facebook business page.

Create content and marketing (paid and organic) to an ultra specific and highly responsive audience.

Start driving traffic from Facebook to your offer page or website.

And in exchange for a free compelling offer, the prospect gives you their email.

Which then triggers the autoresponder to start an email sequence!

And you FOLLOW UP.


2. Get real with the prospects

When you do have an interested prospect who wants to sign up or buy, just explain clearly what it takes to make it all work.

Hard work and a strong commitment.

It’s about setting the right expectations. No quick fixes. No shortcuts. Just hard work.

And …

Rather than closing and enrolling, and leaving the customer and team member to their own devices … guide them.

For a home business to succeed, you will have to guide them through the stages of setting up a business online.

From social marketing, blog marketing, growing an email list to that stage of closing a customer and team mate.

In other words … map out the path for them and help them set their business on the right path.

Be the support. Be the cheerleader.

And you will build more respect and trust with your audience.

Setting the expectations clearly at the outset will keep the number of people quitting the business less.

3. Your goal is to help

Your prospect is someone who is looking for help. So help them reach their goals.

Their goals come first. Not yours.

Simply by helping them reach it, you are succeeding in many ways.

And the long term results will be worth it.

To help them…


Learn what keeps them up at night.

Learn what are their dreams and desires.

Be the pillar of support … and lead the way.

Offer your customers a long-term relationship, then do everything possible to build and maintain it. – Brian Tracy

Be there for them and care. Be the leader.

4. Grow your audience

Whether it is passive or active marketing … or both, get out there, grow your audience and connect.

I don’t mean spending hours on spamming or private messaging strangers on social media.    

I mean, know where your audience hangs out and start connecting by sharing good content, and by showing interest in their problems.

Join forums, Facebook groups, other social platforms and comment on blogs.

Be sincere and start connecting.

If it is through paid ads, then you want to craft the right message and the right offer (like a lead magnet) to a specific audience, so you can attract the best prospects to your email list, which then allows you to follow up.

This is when understanding the pain points of your niche helps greatly. 

And when possible, get on the phone and talk.

Using the phone creates an opportunity for two people to get to know each other more, build a relationship and bring in more sales or team mates.

It is a nice skillset to have.

This is a great way to learn, expand your skill sets, and build relationships in the process.

In closing …

Starting an online home business is not easy. It takes time to lay the fundamentals of the business right.

And it does take time for money to come in.

You’d be naive to think only 4 hours of effort a week will cut it. It won’t.

You see …

It’s a matter of putting in the time to continually learn, and take on the challenges that are ahead.

It’s a pain in the you know what …

But if you’re prepared to put in the effort and time, and consistently tweak the processes and apply the right actions, you can get there.

As Jeff Bezos, Founder of Amazon correctly puts it :-

“We are stubborn on vision. We are flexible on detail …”

Finally, in any business, if you take the focus ‘off you’ and instead, put your effort into servicing your people, the value you put in will build that TRUST in your personal brand.

Thank you for reading this post!


Jason Ou

P.S In case you’re one of the people (like me) who skim to the P.S before you read the page, here’s what this is about:

1. 4 effective tips to kick-start your home business online.

2. Why you should be focusing on your prospect’s goals, and not yours!


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Jason Ou

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