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6 Content Promotion Strategies To Generate More Red Hot Leads

Have you ever experienced this frustration with your content marketing?

You’ve locked yourself for the day and away from the distractions of the kids. Great!

You’re all revved up to punch out content for your blog, your video and even your podcast. Stoked.

So you start researching.

And you find some solid ideas for your content.

Ideas that you think will be a huge hit!

Then you start toiling away on the content.

And then you finally post it out with great anticipation.

You sit back and wait.

The next day, you check the stats.

Are you f****** serious, man?


Zero views. Zero page visits. Zilch!

Frustrating … right?

The thing is, to get your content out to the people, you have to get IT IN FRONT OF THEM.

Let’s face it …

Without eyeballs to your post, there’s no exposure.

You can’t grow an audience.

You can’t build up your personal brand.

And you can’t generate leads or customers.

In this post here, let’s look at simple ways to promote your content so that it can be read by the right audience

6 Content Promotion Tactics …

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Strategy #6 … Get it out on social media!

A good place to start is via social media.

Now if you do not have one, then you should start an account soon.

And Facebook is the place to start.

As it is the biggest of ALL the social platforms, it just makes sense to start here.

According to Statista

With roughly 2.89 billion monthly active users as of the second quarter of 2021, Facebook is the biggest social network worldwide. In the third quarter of 2012, the number of active Facebook users surpassed one billion, making it the first social network ever to do so. Active users are those who have logged into Facebook during the past 30 days. During the first quarter of 2021, the company stated that 3.51 billion people were using at least one of the company’s core products (Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, or Messenger) each month. – Statista

Why wouldn’t you want a small fraction of the monthly active users on Facebook?

Aside from Facebook, other popular platforms include

  • Instagram
  • Clubhouse
  • Tik Tok
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • Snapchat
  • And more

Whether you like it or not, social media is where a big portion of your audience will hang out.

And it will cost you nothing to create an account.

So why not start posting out content of value and hang out where your people are .. and connect.

Again, I highly recommend you start off with ONE social platform like Facebook, create a business page as it has many advantages, and start posting (Lives and videos too) CONSISTENTLY for engagements.

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However …. it will take time, but it will be worth it!

When you get good at Facebook, you can try your hand on another platform.

Strategy #5 … Repurpose your content

Look … even if you share your content on social media, it won’t be seen by everyone.

It’s just how the algorithms work.

Which means you will have to continually grow an audience (a MUST) to get new people reading the content.

And with content marketing, you have to think long term.

Not only do you want to get more mileage out of them, you want your post to stick around for a long time!

However …

Organic traffic from search engines and others takes time.

To prime your content (like your videos and posts) for more exposure and traffic, you can take advantage of tools like Facebook Business Suite or third party tools (like Canva, Hootsuite, MeetEdgar and co) to repost the content again 2 or more months later.

Even though people may have read it, it’s a nice way to remind them of it.

Truth is, we all have a very short attention span. And a reminder doesn’t hurt.


Plus … there’s a good chance that those who have seen it will learn something new from the video or post.

And the people who have never seen it can now see it for the first time. It’s not old content to them.

It’s new!

Better still, you can utilize Facebook insights and cherry pick the best posts and repost it later for more reach and engagements.

You can even repurpose the content across multiple platforms. Turn a video into a new blog post, or a post into a video.

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For every piece of repurposed content, your mileage increases!

Strategy #4 … Youtube

Videos are big. And the biggest video search engine is Youtube.

So why not promote your content via Youtube too.

And there are a heck of a lot of people who prefer watching video over reading an article.

One quick way to get started on Youtube is via Facebook Live. You can easily download a finished Live and uploaded to your Youtube Channel.

Another way is to use Canva or Invideo and turn your post into a video with text … or video with speech.

A better way is to record a video discussing the points covered on your post.

Many, many ways of getting more coverage for your content.

However, be sure to optimize the videos with the right keywords and tags. You can easily accomplish this with research tools like Tubebuddy or Vidiq.

And be sure to add your links in the description of your videos!

Give it a go.

Strategy #3 … Paid Ads!

For someone who has never tried paid ads, it can be daunting.

But did you know there are some mechanisms within paid ads that you can use so you can manage it effectively and calmly?

For as little as $1 or even $5 a day, you can scale up the traffic to your content.

It’s quick … and you can generate a nice flow of eyeball traffic.

Whether you have a new blog posts, a facebook post or a video, you can generate quick exposure to a laser target market for peanuts.

If you’re more of a Youtuber, you can utilize Google Ads to reach out to more people in quick time too.

Truthfully, there’s no need to fear paid ads.

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With marketing, it’s really about testing, sticking to a budget, measuring the results and tweaking the process.

Test. Test. Test. And Track.

Facebook Ads is an awesome tool to scale the business, automate the prospecting process, and get quick results without having to wait around for organic traffic.

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Strategy #2 … Build a list of quality prospects

I preach this a lot, and it is the an essential aspect of every business, offline and online.

You have to realize this …

With a simple click of a button, Facebook, Youtube and others can put you out of commission.

Unfortunately, there isn’t anything you can do to change the situation.

It’s their house, their rules, and they enforce them however they see fit.

But with your own email list, it is YOURS.

It belongs to you. Not Facebook and the likes.

You OWN it and it’s your most valuable asset.

And with an email list, it’s the place where you can build a relationship, follow up with your prospects, promote and close.

An audience of interested prospects who have voluntarily signed up to your list so that they wouldn’t miss any of your new content.

With an email list, all of your new content (article, blog post, video, etc) should be sent to your subscribers as soon as it is ready.

Any content you produce can be seen by a whole new audience in a matter of seconds, and it can even generate sales or new reps for your business!

If you are not growing an email list of new prospects (and customers) … START NOW.

Strategy #1 … Re-send your email to Non-Opens.

This is a tip I picked up from Mark Harbert, and it is a method I use to get more opens from people who have missed my emails.

The reality is, there will many subscribers who will not open your email.

For whatever reason, it could be they were busy at the time.

Or they missed your email.

Or they didn’t think much of your subject line.

But this doesn’t mean you stop there.

Instead, you can resend your email to ONLY those subscribers who did not open to read.

To do this, you can group the people who have not opened your email by email segmenting.

With Aweber, you can easily check out ‘View Stats’, click on the ‘Unopened’ tab and then ‘Create A Segment Of These Subscribers’ for the next resend.

For more impact, consider changing the subject line to grab their attention.

Which can lead to …

More higher open rates.

(Pssst … here’s more >> email marketing tips and tricks to get more people reading your content! )

And for the people who did not open?

No worries, you can try it again.

For those who didn’t open the second email, resend it to them again.

By systematically narrowing or funneling down the email list, you can get to the people who haven’t read.

Try it and you’ll likely get more views and engagements.

With that said …

Look, if you have been struggling to get the traffic to your content, these 5 simple tips can help you generate more eye-ball views.

Take advantage of a social media platform like Facebook.

Post out your content for some organic traffic. And grow your fan base.

For quicker results, get onto Facebook paid advertising to start generating targeted leads.

And as always, grow your email list of prospects and customers.

With an email list … you can at a click of a button, easily broadcast your future content and promotion, follow and resend unopened emails.

So give it a go, try it on your next post.

Or, try it on an old post to get more traffic!

There’s no excuse.

This is a great opportunity to get some eye ball attention and get things moving!

Thanks for reading this!


Jason Ou

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